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Wrap up of Ridgewood Shootout Part 2 Class of 2023 players!!!!!

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

There are some talented -players all over the Class of 2023. More than a few were featured over the weekend. Here are the best of the best that I saw:

Top player and prospect: Javonte "JJ" Taylor, Kenwood Academy(Chicago)- 6'8" wing did it all in this setting. Hitting threes, attacking the basket, nasty dunks, and chase down blocked shots. Big time athleticism which will cover a lot of mistakes. Taylor was consistent and engaged all weekend. Young man has been playing organized ball for three years but is learning the nuances of the game every time out. He did all he could in the loss to Glenbard West(Glen Ellyn). Top 5 prospect nationally and showed it here.

Getting out of his brother's large shadow: Cameron Christie, Rolling Meadows- 6'6" guard showed the total package in the game I saw against Larkin(Elgin). He scored at all three levels(threes, mid range, at the rim). He showed his ability as a point guard running the offense. His brother McDonald's All-American Max has moved on to Michigan State and Cameron is becoming a leader. He hit the defensive glass which is needed for the Mustangs. Look for him to become a national level prospect in his own right.

Sleeper: Davius Loury, Kenwood Academy(Chicago)- 6'7" wing is not a sleeper to the basketball junkies in the area. He's considered a third wheel for the Broncos but what a player!!!!!!!!!! He hit threes, drove to the rack and finished, rebounded on both ends, did the dirty work as well. He will be a great get for a high mid major program as he knows how to be a glue guy for any team. He goes about his job with no complaints and just plain produces at a high level.

Most gritty player of the weekend: Foster Ogbonna, Rolling Meadows- 6'4" forward just plain does the dirty work. Hustles on the boards, goes for every loose ball and can score with his back to the basket. He's improving on slashing to the basket and finishing. Big time small college role player who just gets after it on the court. One of the best rebounders in the area inch for inch. He's the kind of -player every team needs. If he gets any kind of perimeter game look out!!!!!!!!

Best player inch for inch: Bryce Tillery, Hillcrest(Country Club Hills)- 5'9" point guard is a true floor general. Leadership is off the charts. If he was 6'0" he'd be a high major recruit. He's a good three point shooter, has a nice mid range pull-up jumper. Makes passes on the money to help his teammates finish. He did a good job on Brother Rice guard Ahmad Henderson II(who I'll mention later) in their match-up. I've seen him in many settings and he does not get outplayed by his opposite number. Mid Major prospect.

Other players who impressed:

Sam Lewis, Oak Park River Forest- 6'6" guard showed impressive all around game with three pointers and slashes to the basket and finishing at the rim. High mid major prospect.

Derrion Baker, Hillcrest(Country Club Hills)- 6'7" forward is very versatile hitting threes, posting up and finishing at the rim. Change of scenery for him transfer from St Rita(Chicago). High mid major prospect.

Sonny Williams, Notre Dame College Prep(Niles)- 5'11" point guard is a leader for rebuilding Don's team. Hits threes and pin point passes to shooters. Low mid major prospect.

Daniel Johnson, Whitney Young(Chicago)- 6'6" wing is versatile hitting threes, finishing at the rim, hitting both backboards. Best player for the Dolphins this weekend. Mid major prospect.

Asa Thomas, Lake Forest- 6'6'" guard can score on threes, two dribble pull-ups from mid range, and finishing at the rim on cuts off the ball. Is a good defensive rebounder. High major prospect.

Ethan Thulin, North(Downers Grove)- 5'11" point guard can run an offense and hit threes at a high rate. Gets after it defensively. Low mid major prospect.

KJ Cobb, Bloom Township(Chicago Height)- 6'1" guard lefty can shoot from three and mid range with high efficiency. Low mid major prospect.

Hunter Duncan, Fenwick(Oak Park)- 6'1" point guard is a big time slasher to the basket and can create opportunities for himself and others. Low mid major prospect.

Ahmad Henderson, Brother Rice(Chicago)- 5'9" point guard is a do it all player. Can score at all three levels and hit passes in the shooting pocket of his teammates. Great finisher at the rim. Mid major prospect.

Chris Martin, Mundelein- 6'6" forward is a good rebounder and can finish at the rim off two dribbles. Has developed a nice 15 foot jump shot. Division Two prospect.

Mekhi Cooper, Bolingbrook- 6'0" point guard showed his lead guard skills with some slick passes over the weekend. Good attitude though his shot was not falling was still effective. Mid major prospect.

Donoven Younger, Bolingbrook- 6'9" forward had some nice finishes around the rim, rebounded well while playing through a back injury. Still growing. Ran the floor well. High mid major prospect.

Jalen Griffith, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago)- 5'9" point guard played a lot on the wing this weekend and was hitting threes at a high rate. Smooth jump shot that looks good coming out of his hand every time. He's a nuisance to opposite point guards on defense.

Miles Rubin, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago)- 6'7" forward transferred from Homewood Flossmoor with this twin brother Wes. They played well off each other this weekend setting each other up for baskets. Versatile scorer from three point range and in the post.

Wes Rubin, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago)- 6'7" forward transferred from Homewood Flossmoor with twin brother Miles. They played well of each other this weekend. Has the same skills as his brother, versatile scorer from three point range and in the post.

Class of 2024 and 2025 will be Part III.

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