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Under Armour Association Finals Top players First Two Days!!!!!!

First time they are in Chicago, Bedford Park to be precise, right by Midway Airport. These are the top players I saw the first two days.


Jordan Burks, 6’9” wing Atlanta Xpress

Eren Banks, 6’2” combo guard Atlanta Xpress

Blue Cain, 6’4” point guard B Maze Elite (TN)

Arius Alijosius, 6’3” guard Breakaway Basketball (IL)

Nicklaus Polonowski, 6’6” wing Breakaway Basketball (IL)

Bobby Durkin, 6’7” wing Breakaway Basketball (IL)

Vasean Allete, 6’4” point guard Canada Elite (ON)

Efeosa Oliogu, 6’6” wing Canada Elite (ON) (2025)

Zoom Diallo, 6’4” combo guard Elite Sports Academy (WA) (2024)

MalekSalam Gomma, 6’8” forward Elite Sports Academy (WA)

Cooper Campbell, 6’1” point guard Elite Sports Academy (WA) (2024)

George Bellevue, 6’7” wing Fundamental U

Jackson Kotecki, 6’9” forward Fundamental U

Triston Nichols, 6’4” point guard Grand Rapids Storm (MI)

Grant Gondrezick, 6’1” combo guard Grand Rapids Storm (MI)

Asa Thomas, 6’7” wing Illinois Wolves

Cameron Christie, 6’6” combo guard Illinois Wolves

Jake Hamilton, 6’3” combo guard Illinois Wolves

Jasai Miles, 6’6” combo guard Team Breakdown

Derek Queen, 6’9” forward Team Thrill (2024)

Rihards Vavers, 6’7” wing Team Thrill

Blake Rawson, 6’7” forward Utah Stars (2024)

Malick Diallo, 6’9” forward Utah Stars (2024)


Deondrea Lindsey, 6’8” wing B Maze Elite (2025)

Cole Certa, 6’4” combo guard Illinois Wolves

Angelo Ciaravino, 6’5” combo guard Illinois Wolves

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