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Top performances at When Sides Collide!!!!!

The top event of the year was When Sides Collide at Benet Academy in Lisle, Illinois. Games were packed, so much that people were standing by the doors three deep. This is something different, I'm doing top player performances in each game. Chicago Sun Times writer Joe Hendrickson put together a fabulous event, a very good match maker.

Jackson Munro, New Trier(Winnetka)- 6'9" forward Dartmouth commit has been absolutely ridiculous lately and was again in this game vs Yorkville Christian. He led the #5 team in the Chicago Area with 26 points and 5 rebounds. He dominated the paint as well as hit a couple of mid range jump shots.

Karlo Colak, New Trier(Winnetka)- 6'5" wing hit shots from all over the floor, threes, drives to the basket and mid range for his 19 points. Most of his points came in the first quarter, then Munro took over. A player that low major division one to division two should be checking out.

Jaden Schutt, Yorkville Christian- 6'5" guard Duke commit did not have a big scoring night but ended up with 15 points 9 rebounds. Hit one three and a couple of post up mid range jump shots. He has to do a lot and play all over the floor for his team, as they don't have any size. He's the tallest player in their lineup.

Nick Martinelli, Glenbrook South(Glenview)- 6'7" senior forward Elon commit went crazy in the first quarter with 15 points and 7 rebounds hitting threes and scoring on drives to the basket. He's a deft finisher inside as he uses fakes and gets to his left hand to score. He did score one basket going right. Simeon started double teaming him in the second quarter and he ended up with 21 and 10. Still a nice double/double as he made two great assists at the end of the game. He passed it out to sophomore Nate Kasher for his only points of the game, 2 big threes to close out the game. You could tell he was a Nike EYBL player for Meanstreets. He's used to big time atmospheres.

Jaylen Drane, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago)- 6'2" senior guard has been on a scoring tear lately. He scored 14 points in the game but I think he needed to be a little more assertive. Made some great moves attacking the basket but they were far and far between. Still had a solid performance.

Nicholas Robinson, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago)- 6'5" senior forward gave them a big lift as he started in place of injured junior Wes Rubin. He had 9 points and 5 rebounds but also helped slow down Martinelli the last three quarters with double teams.

Braden Huff, Glenbard West(Glen Ellyn)- 6'11" senior forward Gonzaga commit just went nuts in this game. This game should have ended any argument about who the best player in the state is. Best performance of the event. Went head to head most of the game with Whitney Young's Andre "AJ" Casey guarding him. He had 31 points on two big threes to stretch the lead out, 7 rebounds 2 assists 2 blocks. Did it all scoring on up and under, mid range jumpers, and turnaround jumpers in the paint. Showed the full arsenal tonight in 15 point win. Team is undisputed #1 in the state.

Caden Pierce, Glenbard West(Glen Ellyn)- 6'6" senior guard Princeton commit could have been named the best player in the event as he did a little bit of everything. He made steals and finishes on the top of that 1-3-1 zone. He also gets a lot of deflections. he had 27 points and 5 steals while hitting 1 three point shot. Pierce would score when Whitney Young would try to make a run.

Andre Casey Jr, Whitney Young(Chicago)- 6'8" senior forward Miami(FL) commit had a good game offensive with a couple of dunks, and mid range jumpers for his 20 points with 3 steals. Had a tough assignment guarding Braden Huff most of the game, but had a big steal and pass for teammate Matthew Sommerville to finish and cut lead to 7 at halftime.

Xavier Amos, Whitney Young(Chicago)- 6'8" senior forward Northern Illinois commit found some gaps in the middle of the zone in second half for baskets. He ended up with 17 points and showed his athleticism in the lane. He's been consistently good all year.

Kyle Thomas, Benet Academy(Lisle)- 6'10" senior forward Eastern Illinois commit was the most aggressive I've seen him play. He was calling hard for the ball in the post with purpose. Thomas went strong when he did receive the ball for finishes at the basket. He scored 12 points and 9 rebounds for the game. I thought they should have went to him more in the post.

Bradley Kunka, Benet Academy(Lisle)-6'3" junior scored 13 points on 2 three pointers and nice drives and finishes. Was very aggressive on the glass with 9 rebounds hitting both backboards hard. Aggressive defense though he had only 2 steals in the game, there was a lot of deflections which was big in the win.

Richard Barron, St Ignatius College Prep(Chicago)0 6'5" junior forward had 16 points on 2 three point shots in a losing cause. Showed a nice inside/outside game that will serve him well on the next level.

Other top players:

Jack Fiegen, New Trier(Winnetka) 6'3" junior guard 13 points 2 assists

Tyler Burrows, Yorkville Christian, 6'2" senior guard 11 points 3 rebounds 3 assists 3 steals

Cooper Noard, Glenbrook South(Glenview), 6'2" senior guard Cornell commit 9 points 3 rebounds 2 assists

Miles Rubin, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago), 6'8" junior forward 12 points

Bobby Durkin, Glenbard West(Glen Ellyn), 6'7" wing 11 points

AJ Redd, St Ignatius College Prep(Chicago), 6'3" senior guard 9 points 6 rebounds 4 assists

Brennan White, Benet Academy(Lisle), 6'0" senior guard 10 points

Nate Kasher, Glenbrook South(Glenview), 5'10" sophomore 6 points on 2 clutch threes in last minute of the game.

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