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Top 50 players in the North Suburbs of Chicago preseason!!

Some good players in the North Suburbs, these are not in any order. Seniors unless noted. Here we go:

Josh Fridman, Glenbrook North (Northbrook)

Owen Giannoulias, Glenbrook North (Northbrook)

Sam Lappin, Glenbrook North (Northbrook)

Braden Carlsen, Wauconda

Cayden Mudd, Wauconda

Nick Taylor, Glenbrook South (Glenview)

Nathan Kasher, Glenbrook South (Glenview)

Anestis Hadjistamoulou, Glenbrook South (Glenview)

Joseph White, Waukegan

Simereon Carter, Waukegan (sophomore)

Carter Newsome, Waukegan (sophomore)

Jaxson Davis ,Warren Township (Gurnee) (freshman)

Alex Daniels, Warren Township (Gurnee)

Braylon Walker, Warren Township (Gurnee) (sophomore)

Chris Kirkpatrick, New Trier (Winnetka) (sophomore)

Ian Brown, New Trier (Winnetka)

Logan Felder, New Trier (Winnetka)

Atticus Richmond, Stevenson (Lincolnshire) (junior)

Aidan Bardic, Stevenson (Lincolnshire) (junior)

Rocco Pagliocca, Stevenson (Lincolnshire) (sophomore)

Brandon Watson, Evanston Township

Theo Rocca, Evanston Township (junior)

Morgan Brown, Evanston Township

Brady Sehlhorst, Notre Dame College Prep (Niles) (junior)

Yaris Irby, Niles North (Skokie) (junior)

Reid Olson, Niles North (Skokie) (junior)

Hunter Gawron, Niles North (Skokie)

Kaleb Jackson, Carmel Catholic (Mundelein)

Fabian Rudd, Carmel Catholic (Mundelein)

Ethan Henderson, Carmel Catholic (Mundelein)

Derek Bishop, Mundelein (junior)

Hudson Scroggins, Lake Forest (junior)

Tommie Aberle, Lake Forest

Dylan Chung, Vernon Hills

Deen Hatibovic, Vernon Hills

AJ Morgan, Vernon Hills

Xavi Granville, Central (Grayslake) (junior)

Brayden Hall, Central (Grayslake)

Charlie Robin, Deerfield

Jake Pollack, Deerfield (sophomore)

Drew Rodgers, Deerfield (junior)

Miles Boland, Loyola Academy (Wilmette)

Davee Flowers, Niles West (Skokie)

Joey Pantazis, Niles West (Skokie)

Ben Van Lyssel, Libertyville

Jonathan Adjei, Libertyville (junior)

Carter Webb, Antioch

Marshall Gehrke, Antioch (junior)

Braylon Gray, Grant Community (Fox Lake) (junior)

Will Schubert, Grant Community (Fox Lake)

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