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Top 10 scorers in the Chicago Public League!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chicago Public League has a great history of scorers going back to Billy Harris, Mark Aguirre, Quentin Richardson, Ronnie Fields among others. This list is for this year only and as usual a lot of gifted players will be on the list. All seniors unless otherwise noted.

1) Adam Miller, Morgan Park( 6'3"guard) Illinois commit is averaging about 30 points a game against tough national competition. He scored 56 points in a consolation game at the Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach, SC. He shoots long range threes, has developed a nice floater from mid range, and is finishing better at the rim. He's an above average athlete so it's not his athleticism that gets him by. He scores with guile, intelligence, and dribble moves. He can score off the bounce and stand still shooting. Another in a long line of gifted scorers out of Morgan Park.

2) DJ Steward. Whitney Young(6'2" guard) Duke commit is another that uses guile, smarts, and moving without the ball to be an effective scorer. He can score from deep three point range, on floaters, and at the rim with up and unders with left and right hand. His athleticism has gotten better over the last year or so. He was an average athlete who is now above average. He's averaging about 25 points a game and is very efficient with his shot selection. He makes scoring look easy on this level.

3) Antoine Bloxton, Bogan(6'2" guard) He's making up for lost time from sitting out most of last year as a transfer from Julian. He makes scoring look easy as I saw the easiest 33 points I've ever seen in the Proviso West Title Game. The last kid I saw make scoring look that easy was Frankie Williams of Peoria Manual and University of Illinois. He scores on driving layups, floaters, deep three pointers, and step back perimeter shots. He has above average athleticism and confidence with the ball in his hands.

4) Ramean Hinton, Curie(6'5" guard) Southeast Missouri State signee uses athleticism and junk yard dog ,mentality to score. He shoots threes, slashes to the rim and dunks on people. He has a pull up mid range jumper, he doesn't use the floater much but you still can't stop him. He gets a lot of baskets off offensive rebound put backs, and hanging shots at the basket. He's averaging about 23 points a game and is a scoring threat anywhere on the court.

5) Ahamad "Black Cat" Bynum, Simeon(6'3" junior guard) DePaul commit is an explosive scorer and exciting scorer. This means he gets you out of your seat with the way he scores the basketball. He can dunk on you(WATCH YOUR HEAD!!!!), pull up from NBA three point range, use a floater, and two dribble pull up jumpers. He does need to learn better shot selection but has to score for this particular Simeon team. He's streaky which means he can hit five or six threes in a row on you. He has a nice step back three point shot and mid range jumper. He can finish with layups also with either hand.

6) Devin Davis,Westinghouse(6'0" guard) This young man is a stone cold scorer with the mid range game. If you look in the dictionary for the definition of scorer, this is the guy. He has nice pull up and fall away mid range jumper. He can go either way with it, left or right. Yes he can hit the three pointer, but mid range is his calling card. He has to work on finishing at the basket, as he does not drive to the basket with much regularity. He's averaging about 25 points a game, and is by far Westinghouse's leading scorer. I've watched him score over 30 points twice against Fenwick and in first round of Hinsdale Central Holiday Tournament against the Hosts.

7) Jabari Chiphe, Walter Payton(6'3" guard) He scores more slashing to the basket and finishing at the rim with layups and dunks. He can shoot the mid range pull ups and three pointers, but he loves going to the rack(basket). He puts up about 25 points a game against great competition in the Red North/West. He still gets buckets with the whole defense designed to stop him. The fact that he uses good shot selection is a tribute to his scoring ability.

8) Jalen Houston, Hyde Park(6'3" junior guard) He scores in every imaginable way, three pointers, floaters, tear drops from mid range, finishing at the rim with either hand. He averages about 23 points a game and had 37 vs Morgan Park this week. He can use the dribble into his shot, or catch and shoot to put up his points. He does not take many bad shots from the games I've seen him play. He's another player in the monster junior class in Illinois that can score with the best of them.

9) Brandon Weston, Morgan Park(6'5" junior forward) He scores mostly in the paint with his big time athleticism. He uses it on offensive rebound put backs, driving to the basket and hanging in mid air for left and right hand finishes at the rim. He will shoot the occasional three pointer and mid range pull up jumpers. He's averaging about 18 points a game by using his bulky body to get separation to get off his shots. He does get reckless with his shot selection sometimes, but his physical play on the offensive end gets him buckets.

10) Reggie Strong, Orr(6'3" guard) He just became eligible and scored 14 points for the balanced Orr team. He can score on all three levels, three point shooting, mid range, and finishing at the rim. He was putting up numbers at Farragut before transferring to St Joseph(Westchester) and back to the Chicago Public League at Orr. Look for his numbers to get close to 20 a game, as he's that kind of explosive scorer with his above average athleticism. He uses hang time to score in the lane and at the rim.

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