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The Invite superlatives and standouts!!!!

Updated: May 25

LYNWOOD, IL: Ho Chunk Center I was at Day 2 and Day 3. Well run event by George Baker of All Hoops. First time this year seeing Meanstreets 17U EYBL in person. They dominated all the teams that they played getting ready for a run to the Peach Jam Finals. Breakaway Basketball hit 13 threes in game against Midwest Renegades. Here's some of the standouts:


MOREZ JOHNSON, JR, Meanstreets 17U EYBL: Illinois commit 6'9" forward averaged a double/double for the event. He also showed his rim protection in the paint, blocking shots or altering shots. Hit some mid range jump shots.

NOJUS INDUSTRAITIS, Meanstreets 17U EYBL : 6'6" Iowa State commit hit shots from all three levels scoring double digits in every game played. Looked more aggressive with his offense this weekend, doing more attacking the basket.

JESHAWN STEVENSON, Meanstreets 17U EYBL: 6'5" wing was a consistent scorer hitting double figures each game with pull-up threes and slashing drives to the basket.

JACK STANTON, Breakaway Basketball 17U UA Rise(: 6'2" combo guard kept up his hot spring which I'll go into in another writeup. He ran the point but scored off the dribble with pull-up threes. 52% from three this weekend. Averaged 17.5 points this weekend. Scored on some mid range pull-up jumpers and back door layups.

LUKE KINCADE, Breakaway Basketball 17U UA Rise: 6'3" combo guard was hitting threes all weekend. 55% from three this weekend. Averaged 15.5 points this weekend, The lefty was hitting them off the dribble and off the catch. He's had a great spring.

TYLER MASON, Mid Pro Academy: 6'1" point guard hits threes, penetrates to the lane, finished at the rim, hit pull-up three pointers, and can run a team. Mid Pro was better when he was on the court.

JAHEEM WEBBER, Mid Pro Academy: 6'10" forward/center was able to be very aggressive this weekend. He was getting the ball in his sweet spots in the paint. He was finishing at the rim, getting rebounds on both ends of the court. Quicker than any other time I've seen him, rim protection was masterclass.

NICK TAYLOR, Fundamental U 17U UA Rise: 6'7" forward has had a nice spring, brought it all against Meanstreets. Hit some threes but was scoring in the post with his left hand. Grabbed a lot of rebounds on both ends of the court.

BRADEN CARLSEN, Fundamental U 17U UA Rise: 6'4" combo guard is another young man raising his profile this spring. Hitting threes, mid range pull-ups, and finishing strong at the rim.

ELIJAH LOVEMORE, Midwest Renegades 17U: 6'4" point guard playing up as he's a Class of 2025 talent. Can run a team, makes pin point passes to teammates in their shooting pocket. Hit threes mostly off the dribble, and played good on the ball defense.


DIETRICH RICHARDSON, Mid Pro Academy: 6'6" point guard attacks and gets a piece of the paint at will. He uses that ability to draw defenses to him and make the drop passes to a cutter, or waiting teammate at the rim. Uses his size to score at the rim, and long arms helps him as a defender.

LESHAWN STOWERS, Mid Pro Academy: 6'4" combo guard was scoring on all three levels this weekend. Nice threes, two dribble pull-ups, and finishing strong at the rim.

JACOB RICE, Chicago Hoops: 6'4" combo guard has been big time this Spring. This event he was hitting shots all over the floor. Threes from all angles, drives and finishes at the basket, hit some nice floater mid range shots. Showed the entire offensive arsenal. Averaged 20 points a game.

ANTONIO MUNOZ, Meanstreets 16U EYBL: 6'6" wing showed his athleticism, slashing ability and guarded bigs on the interior. Hit the glass on both ends, having some nice follow-up dunks. Showed an improved slashing game.

JT PETTIGREW, Meanstreets 16U EYBL: 6'7" wing showed an impressive inside/out game and is playing more aggressive in the paint and in general. Did some rim protecting this weekend.

MELVIN BELL, Meanstreets 16U EYBL: 6'6" wing is working his way back from injury and showing his athleticism more and more. Improving three point shot was falling this weekend.

DEREK BISHOP, Meanstreets 16U EYBL: 6'3' combo guard shot the cover off the ball in game against Midwest Renegades on Sunday. Hit 5 threes to break the game open in second half, 4 in a row.

ALEX VINCENT, Midwest Renegades: 6'9" forward/center scored on some nice post moves against Meanstreets 16U EYBL. Rebounded out of his area and showed some rim protection.


KARSON THOMAS, Midwest Renegades: 6'3" combo guard showed his athleticism with a couple of nasty dunks. Not just an athlete though he hit threes, and showed nice ball handling skills running some point.

Other weekend standouts:

Hank Alvey, Mid Pro Academy 16U

Camden Brown, Mid Pro Academy 17U

Marquis Clark, Meanstreets EYBL 15U

RicoAntonio D'Alessandro, Meanstreets EYBL 15U

Rmani Wells, Meanstreets EYBL 15U

Gabe Sularski, Meanstreets EYBL 15U

Teon Wadley, Young and Reckless 15U

Alex Gossett, Breakaway Basketball 16U

Luca Carbonaro, Breakaway Basketball 16U

Braden Freeman, Breakaway Basketball 16U

Ryan Cox, Breakaway Basketball 17U 58% from three this weekend

Jason Jakstys, Breakaway Basketball 17U

Bryce Salek, Breakaway Basketball 17U

Connor May, Breakaway Basketball 17U 50% from three this weekend

Braylon Roman, Mid Pro Academy 17U

PJ Chambers, Midwest Renegades 17U

L Taylor, Midwest Renegades 17U

Wood Kerry, Mid Pro Academy 15U

Jaxon Clark, Mid Pro Academy 15U

Juan Hernandez, Meanstreets EYBL 16U

George Bellevue, Meanstreets Blue Smoke 17U

BJ Powell, Meanstreets Blue Smoke 17U Class of 2026 talent playing two levels up

Carlos Harris, Meanstreets EYBL 17U

Cameron Pitts, Illinois Jaguars 16U

Deonte Meeks, Illinois Jaguars 16U

Robert Thorne, Milwaukee Cavaliers 17U

Jordan Wilbert-Bell, Milwaukee Cavaliers 17U

Jamari Gamble, Milwaukee Cavaliers 17U

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