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The Invite Day 2 Standouts!!!!!

LYNWOOD, ILLINOIS: Ho Chunk had some top performances on Day 2 (Saturday) put on by All Hoops. Here we go:


Hank Alvey, Mid Pro Academy

Camden Brown, Mid Pro Academy

Jaheem Webber, Mid Pro Academy

Tyler Mason, Mid Pro Academy

Jack Stanton, Breakaway Basketball

Ryan Cox, Breakaway Basketball

Jason Jakstys, Breakaway Basketball

Bryce Salek, Breakaway Basketball

Connor May, Breakaway Basketball

Morez Johnson, Meanstreets EYBL

Nous Industraitis, Meanstreets EYBL

Nick Taylor, Fundamental U UA Rise

Braeden Carlsen, Fundamental U UA Rise

Jaylon Roman, Mid Pro Academy

Elijah Lovemore, Midwest Renegade (Class of 2025)

PJ Chambers, Midwest Renegade

L Taylor, Midwest Renegade


Alex Gossett, Breakaway Basketball

Kobe Walker, Mid Pro Academy

Dietrich Richardson, Mid Pro Academy

Matthew Zobrist, Mid Pro Academy

Braden Freeman, Mid Pro Academy

Karson Thomas, Midwest Renegade (Class of 2026)

Antonio Munoz, Meanstreets EYBL

JT Pettigrew, Meanstreets EYBL

Jacob Rice, Chicago Hoops

Bradley Stratton, Chicago Hoops

KJ Morris, Chicago Hoops

Leshawn Stowers, Mid Pro Academy

Conner Smith, Mid Pro Academy


Wood Kerry, Mid Pro Academy

Jaxon Clark, Mid Pro Academy

Marquis Clark, Meanstreets EYBL

RicoAntonio D'Alessandro, Meanstreets EYBL

Gabe Sularski, Meanstreets EYBL

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