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Terrence Clarke announcing reclassification right now will help his cause.

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

6'7" wing Terrence Clarke announced today he's coming to Kentucky today. He also announced he was reclassifying from Class of 2021 to Class of 2020. This is very important that he made the decision NOW!!!!!!!!!! Why that is? Here are a few reasons:

1) He supposedly has an uphill climb to complete 2 years of school in 1. Since this is the case, announcing now will help him concentrate on the online classes he needs to take to be able to be ready to enroll at Kentucky next Summer.

2) He is done with playing travel basketball, so next Spring he can concentrate on finishing up his academics on the weekends he would normally be playing on the Nike EYBL Circuit. He can work on his game in between doing his studies mostly online to catch up, and graduate with the Class of 2020. No basketball distractions there playing on the Circuit. This is the most important thing since he's ready for that class basketball wise, he'll need to get ready academic wise.

3) He'll be eligible for the McDonald's All-American, Jordan Brand, and Nike Hoop Summit teams. This is important for most high school kids, and him not waiting to announce until Spring will put these games into play for him. These are honors that can never be taken away from him, and he can do some recruiting of other Kentucky targets in these post season All-Star Games.

4) Clarke picking his school already he does not have to deal with recruiting, the calls from multiple coaches, the distractions of trying to make 5 official visits, all of this gives him more time taking classes he needs to reclassify. He only has to make one official visit. and have only one coach visiting him to watch his high school games.

5) I think ultimately Terrence Clarke will have the classes he needs to matriculate at Kentucky in June. If he needs the entire summer to catch up so be it as long as he can get to campus in August, he'll be fine and Kentucky will be fine.

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