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Superlatives in Chicago Area High School Basketball tonight(Chicago Public League Playoff Edition)!!

The wild and wooly Chicago Public League Playoffs started tonight a day late because of a snowstorm that hit the south side HARD!!!!! I was at Lincoln Park aka The Lions den for White South Champ Lindbloom vs Lincoln Park. It was a great pace run and gun game, till the end when an incident threatened to mar the game. Typical Chicago Public League playoff stuff.

Lincoln Park 96 Lindbloom 85. Lincoln Park owned most of the game. Senior guard Chris Hammonds had 20 of his 32 points in the first half. He lit it up from three with 5 threes in the half. Also had 9 rebounds . Junior Myan Whitfield hit a shot to end the first quarter for a 26-8 lead. Whitfield ended up with 16 points and 2 steals. Then it was a 17-16 quarter for Lincoln Park as senior guard Choker Nwosu hit a corner three at the second quarter buzzer for a 43-24 halftime lead. Nwosu had a double double 13 points 11 rebounds 4 assists. Lincoln Park had control of the game with 66-45 lead at end of three. Had a 21 point lead with 3 minutes left then Linbloom went on a 16-5 run to cut lead to 10 with 1: 15 left. Then with 30 seconds left one of the officials threw a fan out of the game. Fan says "Ok I'll see you outside". Game ends and the officials walk out to the hall way. You see players and coaches from both teams run into the halfway. I didn't see anything happen out there so I will not speculate. I'll just say I was told the fan is a police officer!!!!!! Folks it's just a game, it is not that serious to jeopardize your career by going to jail for attacking an official. The threat alone is not good for anyone but to me is not unexpected for the Chicago Public League Playoffs. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN AT A PLAYOFF GAME!!!!! Seniors Reginald King and Zachary Royster both had 24 points for Lindbloom. King had 9 rebounds 4 assists. Royster had 9 rebounds 4 assists 4 steals. Sophomore guard Je'Shawn Stevenson 21 points 5 rebounds for Lindbloom. Lincoln Park advances to play at #8 Kenwood Academy tomorrow.

Speaking of Kenwood Academy, Senior Nevada commit Trey Pettigrew goes for FIDY!!!!!!!!! 50 points in first round playoff game. Kenwood Academy 111 Hubbard 56.

North Lawndale 63 Marshall 53.

#2 Simeon Career Academy 67 Ag Science 35.

Morgan Park 67 Bogan 55 Senior Liddell Miller a double double 13 points 21 rebounds. Senior Ralph Gordon a double double 10 points 10 rebounds.

Gwendolyn Brooks 79 Corliss 59.

Westinghouse 53 Taft 52. Senior Joshua West 18 points 8 rebounds 5 steals.

Perspectives Leadership 69 Farragut 50 Senior JaQuwan Payton 26 points 3 rebounds 3 steals.

Longwood 48 Perspectives MSA 43 Senior guard Terrence Jones 17 points 5 rebounds.

#16 Michele Clark 75 Payton 36 Senior forward Suliman Agiste a triple double 16 points 12 rebounds 10 blocks.

#23 Orr Academy 74 Austin 39 Junior Kelley Okorah 16 points 5 rebounds 4 assists

#12 Whitney Young 89 Mather 31.

Second round matchups:

Prosser/Phillips at #12 Whitney Young

North Lawndale at Hyde Park

Lincoln Park at #8 Kenwood Academy

Brooks at #23 Orr Academy

Perspectives Leadership at #2 Simeon Career Academy

Morgan Park at Westinghouse

Longwood at #16 Michele Clark

Lane Tech at #11 Curie

Games are tomorrow most will be at 5pm.

Outside Chicago Public League

Duke commit guard Jaden Schutt 29 points in win vs Westminster Christian.

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