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Sleeper Prospect of The Week Volume 2: Conrad Luczynski aka The Polish Hammer!!!!

Conrad Luczynksi aka The Polish Hammer, 7'3" senior center , Bartlett High School , Illinois

I'll start with HOW THE HECK CAN A 7'3" BASKETBALL PLAYER BE A SLEEPER PROSPECT???????? Well I say only in the Chicagoland Area can this happen. College coaches in the area should be ashamed of themselves. I'll leave it at that. Played travel basketball for Chicago Lockdown.

OFFENSE: Very smooth has a jump hook over either shoulder. Gets good post position and works for it without fouling. He can turn, face up and hit the short jump shot. He can also hit the mid range jumper along with the occasional three point shot. Nice touch in the lane, a smooth high release on his jump shot. Does not jump high to shoot(DOES HE NEED TO?), is almost an unblockable shot. Good passer in the post, is good at recognizing double teams, and hitting open cutters. Can also pass well to the open three point shooter cross court to opposite corner, or pitching it right out from the block. Needs to run the floor a little better but not bad at it. Needs work at changing ends of the court but who doesn't at 7'3"? Hits the offensive boards very well but can't be too aggressive, because he needs to stay out of foul trouble. Sets good screens and knows how to roll to the basket off it. Big time offensive threat when given the ball on the block. Very calm demeanor, stays within himself emotionally.

DEFENSE: Good rim protector and gets in position to block a shot. Might not be the quickest player in the world, but seems to use his smarts to get into good defensive position in the paint. He also alters a lot of shots which is never talked about with shot blockers. Has had multiple games with double digit block shots. Rim protecting is more than blocking a shot. Being an intimidator making offensive players scared to go to the basket. Luczynski is very effective at this. Hits the defensive boards with a high efficiency. Will need work guarding the pick and roll on the perimeter as he has issues moving his feet. Smart defender who rarely gets into foul trouble. Talks on defense pointing and putting teammates in good position to have the offensive player funneled to him.

CONCLUSION: Can play high major division one basketball in the right program. Purdue has had great success with players like him. I've heard they are taking a look at him. It is tragic the local division one schools like DePaul, Loyola Chicago, Illinois Chicago seem to not know who he is. 7'3" players do not grow on trees especially a player with such touch on his shot and is a big threat offensively. He can step out and hit the three and has a good mid range game. Time for the Division One schools to get out and check him out. The Polish Hammer has had a couple of triple doubles lately with double digit blocked shots. He's showing zero offers as of this writing. THIS KID CAN PLAY COLLEGE BASKETBALL!!!!!! Hopefully someone gives him a legit offer, he can help your school on the court and academically. Also played football for Bartlett.

The Polish Hammer highlight:

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