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Sleeper alert: Xavier Suliaman Top Sleeper In Nation????

Xavier Suliaman, 6'3" combo guard, Class of 2023 Oak Lawn High School, Oak Lawn, Illinois. Travel team: Hoops4Health(Illinois). 3.5 Grade Point Average(GPA). All tournament at Illinois Spot-Lite Fall Classic 2022.

My opinion the top sleeper prospect in the United States. This young man does not have a division one offer in basketball. He does have a few division three offers. I'm not sure if he has any division two offers which to me would be more ridiculous. I'll do a breakdown of his game. More college coaches should be calling on this underrated young man. Here's my breakdown:

OFFENSE: A lot of tools in the box. First thing that jumps off the page is the athleticism. He can jump out of the gym!!!!!!!!! Many young men have been victims of his poster dunks. Attacks the rim off the dribble, has enough ball handling skill to get to the basket. He's great at straight line drives, and the Euro step around that these young men have today to finish layups, and dunks. He accentuates his dribble driving game with a nasty mid range pull-up jump shot. Gets high on his jump shot with a quick release. He drives right a lot but has gone left too on occasion. Streaky three point shooter as I've seen him hit 6 in a row in a game playing for Marist(Chicago), I've also seen him miss 5 of 6. Good shooting stroke, will get better and more consistent with more repetitions in the gym. Hits the offensive glass hard using his athleticism with crowd pleasing follow-up dunks. He sets up defenders with his pull-up jumper which opens up his slashing game. He needs to get stronger and will be nasty after getting into a college weight room. With this he's still very good at finishing when he gets to the basket, draws a lot of fouls and gets to the free throw line. He hits a good percentage from the stripe, good enough to hurt another team when he does get fouled. Sometimes looks like he's floating around the court, very fluid out there with his body control moving up and down the court. He's a good passer who will get the ball up the court to a teammate after a defensive rebound. Hustles for loose balls and is not afraid to get on the floor.

DEFENSE: Good at getting into passing lanes with steals, and can guard all wing positions on the ball. Will lull an offensive player to sleep thinking he can make that next pass. Great instincts off the ball, though sometimes he can get lost ball watching. He's athletic enough and has quick enough hands on the ball to get steals in bushels. Rarely gets into foul trouble as he's a smart defender knowing when to jump a passing lane and when not to. Hits the defensive boards and boxes out his man. A lot of young men depend on their athleticism to get rebounds, Xavier does not. He takes care of his work early to get the defensive board and then push the ball up the court, and is not afraid to pass the ball to a teammate up the court.

CONCLUSION: Xavier Suliaman is definitely a division one player in my book. He played very well this past Spring and Summer playing for independent Hoops 4 Health. I think this is one young man the schools are missing out on. He's a good kid, will not cause you any problems off the court, athletic and a bright future. I think some may see his body language on the court and sometimes think he's not engaged. That is a wrong analysis. He's baiting the offensive player to think he's not paying attention. He makes them pay with a steal and dunk on the other end of the court. He has fun on the court which is what basketball should be about. I see a monster senior season coming for him. He may not average 30 because he's a good teammate and passes the ball to them in their shot pocket. I think he'll make teams regret that they did not come to the Chicago Area and get this young man.

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