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Pontiac Holiday Tournament Preview!!!!!

The 90th annual Pontiac Holiday Tournament is back are a one year hiatus due to COVID19.

Curie(Chicago) is the #1 seed but as usual this is a deep tournament. Four area ranked teams are in this tournament and they are the Top 4 seeds. This is always a great atmosphere and hospitality is off the chains. Here we go:

FAVORITE: I know Curie is the #1 seed but my favorite is #3 Simeon Career Academy(Chicago). Senior guard Jaylen Drane has had a great year so far in his final campaign, setting his teammates up and scoring on penetration. 6'9" Rubin twins(juniors Wes and Miles) have had a seamless transition to the Simeon Way and system. Senior Avion Morris has had a very good senior season, scoring from three and drives to the basket. He's defending players up to 6'5" on the other team.

DANGEROUS TEAM: I went back and forth between Benet Academy(Lisle) and #24 Bloom Township(Chicago Heights). I'll go with Bloom, the #4 seed who could get to the title game with the Cobbs. Junior KJ is a standout shooter and slasher to the basket, while sophomore Gianni is the ultimate point guard set up player who can also score. Senior big man Emondrek Elkins-Ford is a sleeper prospect who could explode in this tournament and onto the State scene.

SLEEPER TEAM: Aurora(West) with senior versatile big man Ty Rogers and top sophomore Joshua Pickett who can run a team as well as be a three point sniper. They could get to the semifinals but could get a tough #10 ranked New Trier which is the #3 seed for the tournament.

ALSO TO WATCH OUT FOR: Benet Academy(Lisle) is always dangerous and well coached team under Gene Heidkamp one of the best coaches in the state of Illinois, possibly the best. His teams have three point shooters all over the court and need senior big Kyle Thomas to be huge in the tournament.

Top players(seniors unless otherwise noted):

Avion Morris, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago)

Jaylen Drane, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago)

Wes Rubin, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago), junior

Miles Rubin, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago), junior

Jalen Griffith, Simeon Career Academy(Chicago), junior

Carlos Harris, Curie(Chicago), sophomore

Phoenix Bullock, Curie(Chicago)

Jeremy Harrington Jr, Curie(Chicago), junior

Chikasi Ofoma, Curie(Chicago), junior

Jackson Munro, New Trier(Winnetka)

Noah Shannon, New Trier(Winnekta), junior

Jack Fiegen, New Trier(Winnetka), junior

KJ Cobb, Bloom Township(Chicago Heights), junior

Gianni Cobb, Bloom Township(Chicago Heights), sophomore

Emondrek Elkins-Ford, Bloom Township(Chicago Heights)

Brady Kunka, Benet Academy(Lisle), junior

Kyle Thomas, Benet Academy(Lisle)

Brennan White, Benet Academy(Lisle)

Max Love, North(St Charles)

Ned Hayes, North(St Charles)

Justin Mullins, Oak Park River Forest

Sam Lewis, Oak Park River Forest, junior

Jeremiah Fears, West(Joliet), freshman

Anthony Munson, Lockport

Alex Vassilakis, Lockport

Gerron Trapps, Manual(Peoria), junior

Justin Page, Manual(Peoria), junior

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