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Pangos Frosh/Soph Midwest Camp Day 1 Standouts!!!!

Day 1 had a lot of talent, these are the players I saw who excelled.

DeZhon Hall 6'3" Class of 2026 Tinley (Indianapolis, IN)

Damien King, 6'3" Class of 2025 Anderson (Indianapolis, IN)

Stephen Brown, 6'5" Class of 2026 Marist (Chicago)

Damon Friery, 6'9" Class of 2025 St Ignatius (Cleveland, OH)

Jacob Rice, 6'2" Class of 2025 St Laurence (Burbank)

Macari Moore, 6'3" Class of 2025 Huron (Ann Arbor,MI)

William Higgs, 6'11" Class of 2026 Christian Brothers Academy (Lincroft,NJ)

Xzavion Mitchell, 6'6" Class of 2025 North (Oshkosh, WI)

Alexander Gossett, 6'4" Class of 2025 Oak Park River Forest, IL

Michael Wilson, 6'2" Class of 2026 West (Madison, WI)

Jaymen Townson, 6'5" Class of 2025 Marion,IN

Devin Brown, 6'7" Class of 2025 Milwaukee Academy of Science(WI)

Tylan Lewis, 6'1" Class of 2025 Independence (Spring Hill,TN)

Claude Mpouma, 6'7" Class of 2026 Culver School,IN

Dorian Hayes, 6'4" Class of 2025 Ridge Point, Missouri City, TX

Gabe Weis, 6'6" Class of 2026 Washington County, Springfield, KY

Brady Koehler, 6'7" Class of 2025 Cathedral, Indianapolis, IN

Peyton Kemp, 6'0" Class of 2027 Ferndale, MI

Aleks Alston, 6'9" Class of 2025 Kenwood Academy (Chicago)

Anthony Demirov, 5'11" Class of 2025 South (Crystal Lake, IL)

Jayden Savoury, 6'6" Class of 2025 St Mary's, Orchard Lake,MI

Shaunassey Hatchett Jr, 6'3" Class of 2025 Lanpher, Springfield, IL

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