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Open Gyms: Hillcrest High School!!!!!

I was at Hillcrest High School, Country Club Hills last night for their open gym. They were my #1 team in the Chicago Area to end last season. They have reloaded with transfers and a couple of returnees. Only two seniors on the roster.

Aa'Reyon Munir-Jones- 6'2" wing Class of 2022 guard is a transfer from Tinley Park. He dominated the scrimmage last night with nice drives and finishes at the rim. Was not shooting many jumpers because he did not have to. Was getting to the basket at will. He will have to be one of the leaders for this young team for the season.

Bryce Tillery- 5'9" point guard Class of 2023 talent was doing his usual, setting up teammates, getting to the basket and scoring at the rim. Hit a couple of threes but he still needs to work on this part of the game. Disruptive on defense getting into opposing point guards and creating turnovers.

Darrion Baker- 6'7"wing Class of 2023 was scoring from three and in the paint. St Rita(Chicago) transfer is getting over 2 injury plagued seasons and seems to be rounding into form. If he stays healthy could be one of the best players in the state for his class.

Isaiah Green- 6'0" Class of 2024 will be a future superstar. Not too many guys in his class are as good or better. Flame thrower from three as he hit a ton of them last night. Also showed he could get to the basket and finish. Disruptive defender and has a lot of confidence in his game as he was talking big time trash last night.

Marcus Glover-6'7" Class of 2022 is the other senior and it seemed like he was practicing his three pointers last night. He hit a bunch of them himself and had a couple of baskets posting up in the paint.

Adam Page-6'4" Class of 2025 is the future of the program. Younger brother of former player Julius Rollins is a run, jump athlete who hits the boards hard and bouncy.

CONCLUSION: This is a young but talented team who will contend for the Class 3A State title. This team might have inexperience, but they seem so connected already at this juncture. Obvious preseason Top 25 team.

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