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NXTPRO Chicago Camp 2023 Review!!!!!

BEDFORD PARK, ILLINOIS: I was at the Wintrust Complex on October 1st, 2023. I'd like to thank Justin Matcham and his staff for the hospitality and a well run camp. Started with drills, one on one, three on three, and some five on five before the games got underway. Here's the players that made the Top 25 All-Star game with some that excelled. Here we go:

MALACHI JOHNSON, Class of 2024 6'2" point guard, Guilford (Rockford): He was outstanding here coming off a productive spring and summer. His three point shot was falling, scoring on attacks to the rim and finishes. along with the usual creating for teammates, rebounding on both ends, and showcased his all around play. He shows all around game time and time again for a guard.

DEKWON "LONE APE" BROWN, Class of 2024 6'2" point guard, Simeon Career Academy (Chicago): He was scoring on all three levels as his three was falling. He was getting wherever he wanted in this setting. Used his physicality to get into opposing guards, getting steals and layups. Set up teammates for easy layups and open three point shots. Was talking to teammates and showing great leadership on the court.

AJ LEVINE, Class of 2024 6'1" point guard, York (Elmhurst): Continued his great play from the spring and summer. Has upped every level of his game, shooting, strength, athleticism, attacking the basket and finishing. Hit threes like they were layups, scored on mid range pull-up jump shots, and finished a couple of two handed hammer dunks. Defended on all levels of the court.

JORDAN WILLIAMS, Class of 2026 6'5" wing, Fremd (Palatine): The best sophomore here. He scored on slashes to the basket, hit some threes and really hit the glass on both ends of the court. Attacking ability was next level as he scored on spin moves, Euro steps, jump hooks in the lane. Defended the paint with a few blocked shots added to his day.

CHAMP PARKER, Class of 2026 6'1" point guard, Auburn (Rockford): True point guard floor general who was getting wherever he wanted on the court. Hit some threes, scored on drives to the cup, made some nice passes getting into the lane, and pushing in transition. Game has markedly improved over the last year and it showed here.

SEBASTIAN HILL, Class of 2024 6'3" wing, Macon Meridian: Came up from Central Illinois and showed he more than belonged. Showed big time slashing ability, finishing through contact in the half court and in transition. Hit a few mid range jumpers to keep defenses honest. Guarded multiple positions and hit the glass on both ends of the court.

MICKEIS JOHNSON, Class of 2026 6'3" wing, Romeoville: Three level scorer who showed it all in this setting. Hits threes off the dribble and off the catch. Can also attack off the bounce with athletic finishes at the rim in a number of ways. Can defend at least 4 positions on the high school level. Creates for himself and teammates off the bounce in the half court or transition.

KARSON THOMAS, Class of 2026 6'3" combo guard, Lincoln Way East (Frankfort): King of bounce was using his athleticism to get where he wants on the court. Hang time on his finishes at the rim, and will dunk on you mostly jumping off two feet in the lane. Just in case you thought he was just an athlete, was hitting threes off the dribble, and two dribble mid range pull-up jumpers. Athleticism helps him to be a versatile defender, jumping into passing lanes for steals and quick hands on the ball.

PEYTON HESS, Class of 2025 6'4" combo guard, Pekin: Another Central Illinois kid who showed up and showed out. Can fill it up from three point range. Hits them off the bounce and off the catch. Can create his own shot off the dribble so not just an standstill shooter. Attacks the rim and finishes strong at the basket. Not one to leave open but you can't contest too hard on the three point shot.

ZACH MAZANOWSKI, Class of 2025 6'7" wing, Lane Tech College Prep (Chicago): The best shooter at the event. He was knocking down threes like they were layups. Off the bounce, off the catch, step backs, did not matter he was hitting them in every game played. He added scoring on drives to the paint to his arsenal. Look for him to explode in the Chicago Public League Red North/West this season.

PHOENIX CHILDS, Class of 2025 6'4" wing, Wendell Phillips (Chicago): Was injured and did not play in All-Star Game but was selected. Before getting injured showed a strong slashing game finishing through contact at the rim. Hit some threes, and was very effective scoring in the mid range game. Rebounds well and is unselfish getting the ball to teammates in scoring spots.


Two of the best players in the entire camp as both made the all-star team and one did not but he played well too.

ETHAN VAHL, Class of 2028 6'0" point guard, Thompson Junior High, Oswego: One of the top 5 players in the camp as he went against players up to 5 years older and shined. Has range out to 25 feet easily putting in long jumpers whether off the bounce or off the catch. Has a nice mid range pull-up jump shot, and penetrated the lane and made some nice no look passes in traffic. Smooth game and can get wherever he wants off the dribble. Future is bright.

ROOSEVELT THOMAS, Class of 2028 6'3" Chi Prep Middle School (Chicago): One of the top 10 players in camp. Strong bodied, big time slasher and finisher at the cup. Finishes through contact playing against high school players. He was hitting his three point shots off the dribble and hit a few off the catch. Showed a good mid range game on pull-up jump shots. Has the strength and athletic to defend 4 positions on this level.

ANFERNEE MOORE, Class of 2028 6'2" wing, Christ Lutheran (Peoria): Strong athletic finisher at the basket who also showed a nice mid range game in this setting. Another young man who was not intimidated and showed he belonged playing against players 5 years older. Hit the glass well on both ends of the court. Showed he could take it on the break off the dribble in transition.

OTHER Top 25 players:

Aamir Shannon, Class of 2026, 6'3" wing, West (Joliet)

Luka Pinto, Class of 2025 6'5" wing, Lane Tech College Prep (Chicago)


Kemunique Wellington, Class of 2024 6'6" wing, Bogan (Chicago)

KJ Cathey, Class of 2024 6'0" point guard, Bolingbrook

Caden Nichols, Class of 2024 6'3" wing, Newton Community

Amir Danforth, Class of 2026 6'0" combo guard, Auburn (Rockford)

Rae'Qwon Rogers, Class of 2025 6'0" point guard, Bowen (Chicago)

James Pilapil, Class of 2024 5'10" point guard, Catholic Academy (Joliet)

Will Schubert, Class of 2024 6'3" wing, Grant

Ja'Ron Powell, Class of 2024 6'3" combo guard, Bremen (Midlothian)

Cameron Morel, Christian (Aurora)

Brian Harper, Class of 2026 5'9" point guard, Auburn (Rockford)

Kazion Morehead, Class of 2027 6'0" point guard, Freeport


CODY RADER, Class of 2029 5'1" point guard, Geneva: Small but a ball of fire, confident, talking trash and hitting threes most from the corners. He made some plays off the dribble setting up other teammates for open three pointers. Stole the ball from unsuspecting defenders when they brought the ball low. Will be an entertaining player in Western Suburbs in the future, looks like at Geneva High School for now.

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