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Morgan Parks wins this gigantic season opener 61-59!!!!!

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Well my score was kinda close. I had it 65-58 Morgan Park but I was right about this game being sloppy but once again it was the first game of the season for both teams. Here are some thoughts:

Adam Miller vs DJ Steward matchup was a mixed bag. As predicted they did not guard each other most of the night. Steward had 22 points and 8 rebounds but he missed some shots he normally makes, and was stripped twice by Marcus Watson Jr. He played a very good floor game, set up some teammates for good shots which they did not always make, but he was solid. Miller was 4 for 18 from the floor with 9 points. He seemed to not let the game come to him and rushed things all night. Miller also had some problems with his shoes. He was slipping on the floor all night which may have contributed to his shooting woes. He did guard Steward the last 2 possessions and made 2 steals, the last one a key one.

Tyler Beard and Marcus Watson Jr did not play well tonight on the offensive end of the court. Beard had 13 points but forced a few shots but was not aggressive with his offense tonight. He did play good defense on Miller tonight making him work to get his shots. Watson Jr was getting into the lane at will but forced way too many shots in the paint, and did not convert at his usual rate at the rim. He did not take many outside shots and was taking just about everything to the rim. He also did not let the game come to him.

Brandon Weston was the star tonight with 19 points and 11 rebounds(double/double) and he did not play his best basketball tonight. I agree with his Coach Nick Irvin on this. I also agree with him that Weston is going to be a PROBLEM for other Chicago Public League teams.

He's just relentless driving to the basket and hitting the glass on both ends. He hit one three tonight and a pull up 15 footer, but missed a lot of shots at the rim he normally makes.

Darrin "Dae Dae" Ames the freshman point guard hit a key three down the stretch for Morgan Park in the 4th quarter. He was aggressive hunting his shots. He hit 3 three pointers for 9 points on the night.

Sanjolay Nige was a rim protector tonight, I counted 4 blocked shots for him. If Whitney Young can get him to do this consistently they will be a force to be reckoned with in the Chicago Public League and Class 4A title contention.

Isaiah Burrell had 10 points and 5 rebounds for Morgan Park as he hit two key 15 foot jumpers in the 4th quarter. He has improved as a shooter and seems to be playing more in control so far this season.

Morgan Park was missing two players tonight: junior point guard Wunya Brown and senior wing Kawheem Brown who transferred in and have to sit out 30 days. Adding them to the rotation will make them ridiculous.

Both of these teams were sloppy tonight being the first game of the year, but both of them will contend for the Chicago Public League Title and State Titles(Morgan Park in 3A, Whitney Young in 4A). Also, we MAY see these teams play each other again deep in the Chicago Public League Playoffs. Tonight lived up to all the hype and will be great watching the progress of both teams.

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