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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Tyrese Maxey.

Tyrese Maxey is a 6'3" combo guard from Garland, TX(South Garland) Here's a breakdown of what he brings to Big Blue Nation:

STRENGTHS: The first thing that should jump out is his leadership qualities and love of the game. He smiles(a lot) on the court and loves being out there. He's a good free throw shooter, three point shooter, can run an offense, has a nice floater in the mid range game, and gets after it on the defensive end, with steals, staying in front of his defender, and playing the pick and roll real well. He can also play pick and roll on the offensive end at the point guard spot. He's a true point guard, and a true shooting guard in the same player. He has a high IQ on the basketball court. He rebounds well for his position.

WEAKNESSES: He needs to be more consistent with his three point shooting, needs to get stronger, and be a better finisher at the rim(which is nitpicking because he's pretty good with either hand). He's not the longest guard in the world so he has to move his feet and work harder to cut defenders off from penetrating to the basket. He has to work on is shot selection to be more efficient with his offense. He still has to figure out when to score and when to pass at times. Maxey needs to keep his turnovers to a minimum.

CONCLUSION: Maxey will be a one and done guard with not many weaknesses to his game. His versatility will keep him on the floor as he can play both point guard and shooting guard. He has a chance to play the most minutes on this team and be the leading scorer and among the leaders in assists and steals. His infectious personality and leadership qualities can drag the other players along with him. He's also a clutch performer and winner who will make big time plays in the clutch.

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