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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Kahlil Whitney.

Kahlil Whitney is a 6'7" wing from Roselle Catholic(NJ) by way of Chicago. Here's a breakdown of what he brings to Big Blue Nation:

STRENGTHS: He can slash to the basket off the dribble and dunk on anyone(WATCH YOUR HEAD!!!!). His straight line drives are off the chains as is his finishing at the rim. He hits the mid range jumper consistently, move his feet well on defense. Can guard four positions in the college game. He has Chicago toughness which gives him a no back down attitude. He's gotten better at playing hard every possession over the past year. His game has a lot of room for growth and has potential to become a two end monster.

WEAKNESSES: Free throw shooting(46% in high school), three point shooting, ball handling in pressure situations and some trouble getting to his sweet spots on the floor(mid range shooting). He has to be tighter with the ball taking more than two dribbles on the court. He uses his hands too much on defense which causes careless fouls. He has to clean this up to keep himself out of foul trouble and on the floor. I've talked to him about his free throw shooting and having no excuse for those low percentages.

CONCLUSION: If he cleans up his three point shooting which I put as a weakness but is actually not bad, move his feet on defense more consistently, and work hard on his ball handling, he's a Lottery Pick in the 2020 NBA Draft. The most alarming thing to me is his free throw shooting, If he can get that up to at least 70% he could clean up. Defensive potential is off the charts and is very versatile on that end of the court. He's best right now at the small forward or small ball power forward spots, but with improved ball handling he can play the shooting guard spot in some lineups.

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