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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Johnny Juzang.

Johnny Juzang is a 6'7" wing from Harvard Westlake(Los Angeles,CA). He's a reclassification from Class of 2020. Here's what he brings to Big Blue Nation:

STRENGTHS: He's very versatile who can play three positions offensively and defensively. He can handle the ball, shoot the three pointer, get into the paint and finish at the rim. He's strong and has a college ready body especially for a guy who reclassed up. He has a good mid range pull up jumper and can hit his free throws. He has good shot selection on the offensive end of the court. He plays free and loose on the court, looks like he's having fun out there.

WEAKNESSES: He'll have to learn how to play defense on the college level, needs to learn to move his feet on the perimeter. He has the tools to do it, he'll have to get the work ethic to want to shut down defenders. He has to rebound better from his position at 6'7". he needs to learn to use his versatility effectively on both ends of the court. He has to get more gritty and aggressive on both ends of the court, not be so carefree on the court. He has to learn how to guard the pick and roll which most kids out of high school need to learn. He has to communicate more with his teammates on defense.

CONCLUSION: Juzang has a great chance of starting at the wing position as he's a knock down shooter, is adequate on the defensive end though he'll have to be better on that end. He has the tools to be aggressive on offense and draw a lot of fouls. This will help him take advantage of his good free throw shooting and put up big numbers. He can score on all three levels and has a chance to be real explosive on the offensive end. If things go right for him he could defy the odds and end up a one and done player at Kentucky.

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