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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Isaiah Jackson!!!!!

Last in my series is Isaiah Jackson, 6'9" 200 pound combo forward, Waterford Mott, Waterford, MI. Hometown: Pontiac, MI.

Isaiah Jackson played for The Family(MI) on the Nike EYBL Circuit. He's bounced around a bit playing at three high schools in four years. He started at Old Redford Academy, MI, then Spire Academy in Ohio, and finally his senior year at Waterford Mott. I'll go into his strengths and weaknesses and how they affect Kentucky.

STRENGTHS: Can jump out of the gym and dunk on guys(WATCH YOUR HEAD), rim protector off the help side defense, jumper out to 18 feet, changes ends very well from defense to offense. Nice jump hook in the low post, good straight line driver to the basket, nice second jump off the floor. Big time motor and great rim runner finishing alley oops, good finisher at the basket with either hand. Plays strong in the paint despite his lean frame.Good hands that can catch passes in traffic, or grab rebounds with both hands and holds onto the ball. Nice turnaround jumper just off the post. Blocks shots with either hand, but blocks a lot of them with his left hand. Decent passer in the lane and off the post. Nice spin move in the post, good stroke on his jump shot, high release on it.

WEAKNESSES: Needs to get stronger, to be able to hold his position on post defense, work on moves off the dribble on the perimeter. Can get turnover prone trying to dribble the ball, improvement on his three point shooting though not bad. Slow release on his jumper, has to get quicker, too much of a hitch on it. Has to get better on two dribble pull up jumpers and extend his range out to the three point line. Work on first step to get by defenders. In essence he has to work on skills to make him a three, right now he has good skills to be a four on the offensive end. Has to get better on pick and roll defense by moving his feet better. It would also be good for his game to learn how to work the pick and roll offense as a dribbler. He probably won't get the opportunity at Kentucky, but can work on this while he's in the lab.

CONCLUSION: Isaiah Jackson has a lot of strengths but not a lot of glaring weaknesses. Just a little bit of work on them as they are fixable. He may surprise Kentucky fans with some of the skills he does have, especially on the perimeter. He's a good pick and roll partner as the roll guy because he can finish above the rim so well. He'll probably play a lot of the power forward spot, just don't see him having the strength to play center but as an emergency player there. He will excite Kentucky fans with his athleticism, finishing power, and changing ends in transition. He has to get stronger but plays strong in the paint. Jackson is what I call wiry strong but not weight room strong. I'm excited to watch this kid in a Kentucky uniform. His playing time will depend on who comes back, and/or a graduate transfer Big comes in. Welcome to Big Blue Nation Isaiah Jackson.

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