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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Dontaie Allen.

Dontaie Allen is a 6'6" wing from Pendleton County(Falmouth, Kentucky). Here's what he brings to Big Blue Nation:

STRENGTHS: First of all he's the first native Kentucky scholarship player to suit up since Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis. This will endear him to the Kentucky faithful. His game is he's a stone cold scorer who can hit the three, pull up jumper from mid range, and get to the basket with a great Euro Step. He's a good ball handler who can get to his spots and score. He can rebound, pass, and is good in passing lanes. Very intelligent basketball player and uses it to his advantage. He averaged 40 points a game as a high school senior which shows his explosive scoring ability. He's a good three point shooter off the bounce, and can hit a stand still three pointer. He can block shots off the help side defense.

WEAKENESSES: He needs to get stronger, and become a better defender. He has to work on his foot speed and get down in a defensive stance to slow down and stop offensive players. He has to become a better finisher at the rim and this is a result of lack of strength. He has to get a quicker release on his jump shot and he also has a low release on his jump shot. He needs to work on a blow by move to get by his defenders at the college level. Allen needs to get lower on his dribbling the basketball by bending his knees more. This is the same thing for his defense.

CONCLUSION: Dontaie Allen may not be the quickest player in the world, but his basketball intelligence will make him a productive player at Kentucky. A lot of his weaknesses can be fixed by getting stronger. He has a strong offensive game and like most incoming freshman will have to work on his defense. He's been the best three point shooter in the limited workouts he's been able to do. He tore his ACL in late December of his senior year, and his recovery is going well. This will determine how much he can help the team this year. His future I feel is bright because of his versatility as a scorer and ability to play three positions. I envision Dontaie Allen eventually playing in the NBA I say this because he will find ways to score as he can do it in a variety of ways, and I believe he will become a good enough defender when healthy to survive at any level of basketball.

This is the last of my series. I know we have freshman that are walk-ons but my series talks about only the incoming scholarship freshman. The walk-ons are a help on the practice court but rarely are big contributors to the Cats.

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