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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Daimion Collins!!!!

This is the second in a three part breakdown of incoming freshman for Class of 2021 at Kentucky. Introducing Daimion Collins.

Daimion Collins 6'10" 220 pound power forward, Atlanta, Texas.

McDonald's All-American, Jordan Brand All-American, Gatorade Player Of The Year for Texas. He played for Team Griffin on the Nike EYBL Circuit. I'll break down his strengths and weaknesses. Some of his game can be watched on the video I'll provide from YouTube.

STRENGTHS: Athleticism, athleticism, athleticism to the core. Can jump out of the gym. Explosive leaper with a quick jump and second jump. Is good at changing ends of the court. One of the best shot blockers in the class. His timing on blocking shots is impeccable. He can block shots with either hand, sometimes he will use both hands. Keeps most of the blocked shots in play. He can block shots off help side or on the ball. He's shown ability to bring the ball up the court to start the offense, or finish at the basket with powerful dunks. I've watched about 10 of his games last season and rarely got the ball stolen in the open court. Rarely out of control and could step around defenders to avoid charging fouls using the Euro step. Finishes offensive rebound dunks with authority(WATCH YOUR HEAD). Will pull up for three point shots usually going left. Posts up in the paint and scores mostly with his athleticism jumping over opponents to either dunk, or lay the ball in. Can dribble around defenders and finish in the post when he does catch it in there. Great hands to catch errant passes into the post or in the middle of a zone defense. Rebounds well outside his area. 7'5" wing span which is the length of an aircraft carrier(just kidding). Good free throw shooter.

WEAKNESSES: Painfully thin. Can be pushed around in the paint area by opposing centers. Does a lot of standing around on defense, partly the product of the 2-3 zone his high school team was playing. Not a good three point shooter for the attempts he takes from that area. Very raw offensively. Has to polish is total offensive game, especially developing go to moves in the post. Jump hook, turnaround jumper, spin move to get lose in the post. Has to get stronger so he can establish position in the post on the college level. Does not sit down in the post which makes it easy for opponents to push him off his spot in the post. Has to learn to get a lower center of gravity to help with this. Will have to learn to guard his man in man to man defensive principles. His shot blocking gifts sometimes gets him in trouble and out of defensive position. Has to rev up his motor a little bit more though he was better his senior year. If not Coach Cal will be hollering at him ALOT in practice.

CONCLUSION: Big time athletic talent on both ends of the court that will need polish offensively and learn to consistently play man to man defense. He could be a one and done first rounder depending on how quickly he adapts to using his athleticism to great advantage. He will have the luxury of developing at his own pace as there are a lot of veteran post players on the team. College weight room will help with strength which he will build with no issues at this level. Lots of potential with developing his shooting especially from mid range. He's a good free throw shooter with a workable stroke to make this a strength. Has instincts and timing on defense you can't teach, and more strength will help him be a beast on the glass. Patience will be the key Kentucky fans. Could take some time for him to develop into a good college basketball player. Low level of high school competition could make for a steeper learning curve. Was not able to play on 17U Circuit for Nike EYBL because of covid. This would have made the learning curve a little quicker. Not sure of next Anthony Davis level, let's give him room to be the best Daimion Collins he can be. Best version of himself should be more than enough.

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