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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Cason Wallace!!!!

The third and final part in three part series on incoming freshman to Kentucky Wildcats Basketball. Introducing: Cason Wallace.

Cason Wallace, 6'4" 185 pound combo guard, Richardson, TX. McDonald's All-American, Jordan Brand All-American, Iverson Classic All-American, Iverson National Player Of the Year.

Consensus Top 10 player for Class of 2022. I'll break down his strengths and weaknesses. You can check YouTube for some of the highlights.

STRENGTHS: College ready body, physical guard who can wear you down with his attacking ability on offense and defense. Two way monster who plays hard on each end of the court. Can attack the basket with abandon and finish with sneaky leaping ability to dunk on bigs at the rim. Flies through the defense on fast break pushes and finishes at the rim. Fast as the road runner up and down the court with strength to match. Catches alley oop dunks with ease and can throw a picture perfect one too. Quick release on his jump shot. Nice pull-up mid range jump shot, with a nice step back from that range as well as from three. Nasty two dribble pull-ups from mid range and knows how to get space to get it off. Has a smile and has a lot of fun on the court. Good passer who finds teammates in their shooting pocket for catch and shoot threes. Handles the ball on a string and can get anywhere he wants on the court with the dribble. Hits threes off catch and shoot as well as off the dribble with shakes, and stutter step moves. Gets steals on the ball with quick hands, and off the ball diagnosing passing lanes with great reads. Great shot blocker off help side AND on the ball. I'll emphasize this again a GREAT SHOTBLOCKER for a guard.

WEAKNESSES: Does not go all the way to the basket dribbling left, he pulls up for jumpers when he does. When he does get to the basket he finishes with his right hand for the most part. Will need to learn to finish with both hands at the basket. Uses his hands a little too much when he plays on ball defense. Fouls will be called on him in college and he'll get in foul trouble. Needs to get a little better off catch and shoot three pointers though he's not bad at it.

CONCLUSION: As you can see not many weaknesses to his game. Some things he has to clean up but I look for a good transition tp the college level. He's a two way monster that loves to play defense. Strong body and a big time physical guard with strong build and low center of gravity. Plays hard whenever he's on the court and has no backdown. Very skilled at all facets of the game and an intelligent defender as well as floor general. He'll play a lot of two guard at Kentucky, which he should have no problem doing. Don't sleep on him at the point guard position as he's a low turnover player at either guard position. Will have to work on those catch and shoot threes, but as I said not bad at them. I think even as a Top 10 prospect he was underrated in high school. He slowly worked his way up the rankings over the last three years. I see one and done NBA lottery pick here. Big Blue Nation is going to LOVE this young man for his hustle, positive energy alone. Don't look for him to be long in the Kentucky uniform.

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