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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Cam'Ron Fletcher!!!!!!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Cam'Ron Fletcher 6'7" 180 pound wing, Vashon High School, Saint Louis,MO. His high school lists him at 6'8", 24/7 list him at 6'6" so I'm going in the middle.

Cam'Ron Fletcher played for Bradley Beal Elite(MO) on the Nike EYBL Circuit. I'll go into his strengths and weaknesses and how they affect Kentucky.

STRENGTHS: Hard nosed, junkyard dog mentality, toughness, plays hard, changes ends from offense to defense at a high level, athletic finisher at the rim. He's good at straight line drives to the basket with his right hand, and finishing with a powerful dunk. Improved three point shooter, very good catch and shoot from three, nice floater at the mid range. Nice two dribble pull up jumper from mid range going to his left. Attacks, attacks, attacks. He's under control driving to the basket, does not commit offensive fouls though he attacks the basket a lot. Good rebounder that crashes the glass hard. Nice follow up dunks off misses. Versatile on offense and as a defender. Can guard point guard through power forward. Can play the two guard through power forward on offense. Slides his feet well on defense. Just a physical three and D player who backs down from no one. Good shooting stroke, mechanics are not bad. Great length long arms to be able to switch pick and roll on defense. Great body control in the paint.

WEAKNESSES: He has to improve his three point jump shot, especially off the bounce. He has to get a quicker release on his shot so he can get it off when closely guarded. Ball handling is just average for a wing. He doesn't have a pull up jumper going to his right, he usually drives to the basket going that way. Not much change of direction on his drives, he usually just does straight line drives with his right hand. Needs to learn to drive to the basket with his left hand, as he usually does a pull up jumper going that way. Needs to get stronger. Needs to improve his off the ball defense and not allow back door cuts. Needs to work on finishing with his left hand as he can be right handed dominant. Not the greatest post up game.

CONCLUSION: Kentucky fans will love his hustle and junkyard dog mentality right away. His end to end energy is great to watch. He attacks the basket but is under control and has great body control not to commit a charging foul. He hits both backboards hard and in control. His versatility locking down players from point guard to small forward will give Coach Cal a lot of options with him. You can play him in a number of lineups which will help with his playing time. He has improved his three point shot during the high school season as he shot 26% from three on the Nike EYBL Circuit. He needs to get stronger like most high school kids do, but that will come. He has the athleticism and work ethic to improve his weaknesses, and has a chance to be an NBA player with improved shooting. Fletcher does a little bit of everything well which should be a positive for playing time with Kentucky. I see him as a 2 year player at Kentucky, as he has a lot of abilities that are NBA level, like his athleticism. He could be a surprise for Kentucky fans on how he does his freshman year. Welcome to Big Blue Nation Cam'Ron Fletcher.

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