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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Brandon Boston Junior!!!!!!!!

Brandon Boston Junior 6'7" 175 pounds wing, Sierra Canyon, Chatsworth, CA by way of Norcross, GA.

A McDonald's All-American, Brandon Boston Jr aka BJ transferred from Georgia to California for his senior year. I'll go into his strengths and weaknesses and how they affect Kentucky. He played for Athletes Of Tomorrow on the Nike EYBL Circuit.

STRENGTHS: He has great range on his shot out to 25 feet. He uses his long arms to get steals with quick hands. He has a nice step back shot to get space to shoot the three usually, sneaky athleticism that catches defenders off guard as he can posterize you any time. He has great ball handling skills, good enough that he can run point in a pinch. He uses dribble moves to get to the basket. Good finisher at the rim for his frame. Moves well without the ball on cuts to the basket, and to the three point line. Good passer and good vision to find his teammates. Good catch and shoot as well as scoring off the dribble. Adjusted with no problem to move across the country from Georgia to California. He showed he could be a team leader at Sierra Canyon, something he could not show for AOT as the leader was presumed to be Sharife Cooper. Good at quick change in transition from offense to defense and vice versa. Versatility as he can finish a play as well as start one. Jumps straight up and down on his jumper, no leaning to one side or the other. Quick release on his jump shot. Can play in the half court offense as well as in transition. Rebounds well for his position. Unselfish for a stone cold scorer.

WEAKNESSES: Slight frame that can be pushed around especially in the post. Does not get enough space to get off his jumper on a consistent basis. Uses too many dribbles to get by his defender. Needs to learn to move his feet to stay in front of his man. Does not have a quick first step to get around a defender. Sometimes can get distracted playing defense off the ball and let a man get back door on him. He can try to dribble through double teams trying to split defenders which causes turnovers. This gets in the way of his ability to play point full time if needed. Sometimes gambles too much in passing lanes on defense.

CONCLUSION: Brandon Boston Jr has a chance to be an outstanding player at Kentucky. His weaknesses can be fixed nothing alarming going forward. His versatility will help him in Lexington. He has a chance to be a great defender with his long arms and ability to read passing lanes. He will be able play positions from point guard to small forward on offense and defense. He showed at Sierra Canyon that he can be a leader and have skills that were not utilized with AOT. His ability to play in the half court offense as well as in transition shows more of his versatility. He will have to get stronger but will not look like Adonis. Boston is what is called wiry strong. If he can get to 200 pounds he will be a monster to deal with for opponents. His unselfishness is probably his best attribute. He will surprise folks with his rebounding ability. I look for him to have a strong freshman year at Kentucky and end up a one and done NBA Lottery Pick. Welcome to Big Blue Nation Brandon Boston Junior.

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