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Kentucky Incoming Freshman Series: Adou Thiero!!!

The second in a three part series on incoming freshman to Kentucky basketball.

Introducing Adou Thierro.

Adou Thiero, 6'5" 180 pound, combo guard, Quaker Valley, Leetsdale, PA.

Composite rank by 247 sports 162nd ranked player in Class of 2022. Averaged a double/double 23.3 points, 10.3 rebounds, 5.9 assists, 3.9 steals, 2.3 blocks a game. I'll break down his strengths and weaknesses. You can check YouTube for some of the highlights. Son of Almany Thiero, who played for John Calipari at Memphis.

STRENGTHS: Do it all player that fills the stat sheet. Long, lanky athlete that has speed to burn dribbling the ball down the court. Versatility is his calling card. Can play three positions on the court, still growing could get to 6'8". Loves driving left to finish at the basket, though he can go right too. Has a nice move where he dribbles to the basket left, then spins back to his right and finishes. Athletic finisher at the rim, can dunk on unsuspecting defenders. Nice first step off the dribble to get in the lane to score on pull-up jumpers, breaks down defense for passes to teammates. Can hit threes mostly off the dribble, but is improving off the catch and shoot. Rebounds well on the defensive end of the court, can take it coast to coast off the dribble with his ball handling. Good passer on the break and in the half court. Can block shots on the ball and off the help side. Gets steals on the ball and in passing lanes.

WEAKNESSES: Has to raise his shooting point on his jumper as it is a little too low. Release is quick but will make it quicker. Can be out of control on drives which makes him susceptible to offensive fouls. Gambles too much in passing lanes, has to be more judicious on when he jumps them for steals. Has to get stronger to handle contact at the rim on the college level. Has to get more consistent with his three point jump shot. Has to get better finishing at the rim with his left hand, drives left a lot then comes back to shoot with right hand at the rim. Has to get lower on his dribble so smaller defenders can't get under him to get steals.

CONCLUSION: I see a potential future NBA player here. I do not see one and done, but he's slated to grow some more while on campus. He gets to 6'8" with the point guard skills he has now, tightening up his handle, his outside shooting, and more control on his drives. He has the quickness, length to be able to guard at least three positions on the college level. He will be able to guard four as he grows. Big time sleeper and let bloomer who has grown 5 inches in the last year and has retained his point guard skills. He will get stronger with the college weight room and has a chance to be a monster player on the college level. Kentucky fans are not known to be patient, but will have to be with this young man. Thiero will have to be patient with his development, and take it one step at a time.


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