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Illinois High School Basketball Jamboree Wrap-Up and Top performers!!!!

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: I was at Hope Academy aka Quest on the WEST SIEEEDE of Chicago parts of Saturday and Sunday. Coach Terry Head's event had some good matchups and under the radar players. Here we go:

Top performers:

MALACHI JOHNSON, Guilford (Rockford): Class of 2024 6'2" point guard did a little bit of everything. He hit threes off the dribble and the catch, hit mid range shots getting loose with the dribble and pulling up over defenders. He also drove to the basket and finished with dunks and layups. Made some high level passes all weekend to teammates for baskets. Underrated talent in Illinois.

JAXON DAVIS, Warren (Gurnee): Class of 2027 5'10" point guard has not played a true high school game yet, but is making his presence known with a quickness. He plays so in control and is not sped up at all. He makes great decisions for such a young player, and can score in a number of ways. He also played good defense which is a weakness for incoming freshman. Made the winning free throws in showcase game Sunday against Guilford (Rockford).

AL BROOKS JR, Hansberry Prep (Chicago): Class of 2025 6'7" wing almost had a triple double as he had double digits in points and rebounds on Sunday. He had 8 blocked shots by my count. Three point shot was not falling, but was scoring in mid range, at the rim, and on the fast break. Another sleep in Illinois.

JEVARI JACKSON, Michele Clark (Chicago): Class of 2024 6'4" combo guard is a knockdown three point shooter, who can also score on two dribble pull-up mid range jumpers. Scored in double figures in every game on Saturday and Sunday. Knocks down jumpers off the dribble as well as on catch and shoot, but can create his own shot off the bounce.

QUENTIN MCCOY, Lindbloom (Chicago): Class of 2024 6'2" point guard is very underrated in the Chicago Public League. He's gifted in scoring as well as passing the ball. He can score on all three levels off the dribble and the catch. He can also defer when needed. One to watch out for.

RICKEY COLEMAN, Dyett (Chicago): Class of 2025 6'1" point guard can jump out of the gym!!!!!! He had a nasty tip dunk at the halftime buzzer on Sunday (WATCH YOUR HEAD!!!!!). He can get to the basket and finish at the rim. He makes good passes into teammates shooting pocket and into the post. Another underrated talent in his class. Had a 3.2 GPA.


Class of 2024 unless other wise noted *(2025) **(2026) ***(2027)

CONNOR FORTIER, Amundsen (Chicago) *

DMITRI GRADINAR, Amundsen (Chicago) *

JOSHUA DILLON, Hope Academy (Chicago)

ETHAN MATS, Carmel Catholic (Mundelein) **

BRYCE SMITH, Carmel Catholic (Mundelein)

D'NOMYAR GRANT, Julian (Chicago)

ADAM WALKER, Romeoville *

BRAYLON WALKER, Warren (Gurnee) **

IMMANUEL BROWN, Warren (Gurnee)

JAMAREON RAINES, Michele Clark (Chicago) **

ELIJAH EMBREY, Michele Clark (Chicago) *

DEONTE MEEKS, Fenwick (Oak Park) *

TY MACARIOLA, Fenwick (Oak Park) *

JACOB JOHNSON, Dyett (Chicago) **

ALEX DANIELS, Warren (Gurnee)

JADEN WEBSTER, Guilford (Rockford) *

IKEE BROOKS, Hansberry Prep (Chicago) *

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