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Grassroots Roundball Showcase Session One 17U!!!!!!

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

I was at the Grassroots Roundball Showcase Session 1 on Saturday in Waukegan,Illinois. I scouted part of the time, then was recruited to referee the last 4 games( I am a patched licensed IHSA basketball official). I did not get to really scout the rest of the tournament, but there were still standouts in the event. Here we go:


Amari Allen, Change The Mentality(MI)- 6'4" point guard is a wizard passing the ball. He penetrated time and time again, dropping dimes to cutters, three point shooters, and lobs for dunks. He also showed he could hit the stand still three point shot along with hitting a couple of floaters. Division one prospect and big time sleeper.

Hershal Marion, Change The Mentality(MI)- 6'0" point guard was also dropping a lot of dimes from the point guard position. Finishing at the rim with strong, quick drives blowing by defenders, and getting steals on defense.

Maurice Shumate, Change The Mentality(MI)- 6'7" wing lefty hit a couple of threes off catch and shoot, one in transition. Posted up and scored in the paint turning over his right shoulder. Made a couple of nice slashing drives from the three point line to the rim.

Deandre Craig, Team FVV- 6'3" point guard was getting to the basket at will along with scoring on all three levels. Three pointer was falling consistently today with nice floaters in the lane, quick hands defensively getting steals and breakaway layups. Penetrated and got the ball to shooters with no problem.

Peter Lattos, Team FVV- 6'8" Forward was a knockdown three point shooter the entire day. He also has a nice mid post game with a nasty turnaround jumper in the lane. He can do catch and shoot on the block, or dribble into his shot. Hit the three pointers mostly off catch and shoot.

Raeshom Harris, Illinois Heat- 6'4" guard was hitting the three point shot along with nice drives to the basket and finishing. He had 20 points in a half of one of the games showing the full arsenal on offense. Showed it all non the break and in the half court sets.

Niklas Polonowski, Breakaway Basketball- 6'6" guard hit shots from all over the court, and at all three levels. Knockdown three point shooter was drilling them as well as showing he can get to the basket and finish off the bounce.

Drew Scharnowski, Breakaway Basketball- 6'8" wing was aggressive all day with nice drives to the basket and finishing at the rim. Stepped out and hit a couple of three point shots. Showed a takeover mentality that I had not seen previously. Handled the ball well and hit three point shooters with nice passes in their shooting pocket.

Arius Alijosius, Breakaway Basketball- 6'3" guard was hitting the three point shot and some clutch ones in a couple of games I watched. Good off the bounce and finishing with mid range jump shots. Scored well on the break getting up and down the court for easy baskets.

Cooper Lepage, Fundamental U-6'2" combo guard showed eh can play both spots, setting up teammates for nice assists on cuts to the basket, and three point shots. He was hitting the three pointer on a consistent basis from all spots of the court. Two sport athlete who wants to play basketball.

Jaheim Savage, First Step- 6'4" wing was scoring from all three levels on Saturday in two comeback wins for his team. Getting steals on defense with quick hands in the press and hitting the glass.

Dauntrell Dixon, First Step- 6'0" point guard was hitting the three and scoring on strong drives to the basket in leading two comeback wins. Made some slick passes to teammates on the fast break.

Mykel Lindsey, First Step- 6'5" wing was everywhere, scoring in the paint, on drives to the basket, and hit threes. Competed on both backboards to help keep his team in it.

Larry Abbey, Arsenal Hoops(MO)- 5'10" point guard is a big time penetrator and a strong body who can finish in the lane over the trees. He also showed a nice three point shot as he hit three of them in the game I watched. Gets into the opposing point guard with his physically strong low center of gravity on defense.

Ethan Fauss, Arsenal Hoops(MO)- 6'8" wing showed he can step out and hit the three, post up on the block and score. Showed an ability to create off the dribble on the wing. Lots of upside for this prospect.

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