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Evaluation of Kentucky commit Skyy Clark against Florida Pro!!!!

Updated: May 10, 2021

Skyy Clark is a 6'3" 200 pound combo guard plays with MoKan Elite 17U. He's a consensus Top 15 player in Class of 2022. This is an an evaluation in the Kansas City Classic vs Florida Pro on Saturday, May 8th, 2021. Here we go:

Let's start with he did not shoot well in this game. The video kept skipping so I'm going by what I actually saw in the game. He hit two shots, a two handed dunk and a late long three pointer. He had trouble finishing in the paint vs the long athletes on Florida Pro. He took some good shots from three, he was just missing them in this game. He made some good passes in players shooting pockets, but they were not converting the opportunities. The two handed dunk showed his athleticism which is sneaky for his body type. Clark made a couple of nice alley-oop passes to his big men. He looks like a football safety and/or linebacker so you would not think he has hops(leaping ability). Clark had some trouble getting by his man off the dribble in this game. Defensively he was very impressive, he moved his feet on the perimeter very well, and did a great job slowing down the Thompson twins when he guarded them on the ball. He did not look overmatched at all in this game guarding perimeter players. He had some trouble getting open for inbound passes against the full court press. Clark did not get to the free throw line in the parts of the video I saw. Did not show much of a mid range game in this setting. He showed a good floor game and can definitely play point guard full time with no problem.

CONCLUSION: Skyy Clark is definitely a point guard. He's listed as a combo guard because he's good at shooting off the catch and shoot. This game his shot was not going down, but he has a good stroke that translates to the college three point line. He has good vision and finds open players consistently. He has to work on using his strength to get between the inbound passer and the defender. Get his body into the defender to give the inbounds passer a passing lane to get the ball to him. He has to also learn to use his body strength to finish through contact at the basket against longer players. Clark needs to get his body into the defender to cut off his legs so he can't challenge his shot. He rebounds well for a point guard and is a good ballhandler as he had only 2 turnovers in this game. Clark definitely looked like he belonged and did his job though his shot was off. He needs some work at making moves to get off his jump shot, as he thought he created enough space on one of his shots but it was blocked. Clark is not afraid to try and finish with his off hand at the basket. Kentucky fans will be happy with this young man when he signs and comes to campus. The most impressive thing about this young man is his disposition. He did not shoot well, but did not show visible frustration, he kept trying to do his best to be a leader for his team.

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