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Emoni Bates vs Jalen Duren at Made Hoops in Indiana!!!!!!!

Short synopsis: Team Final 81 Bates Fundamentals 63. I think the gap between Emoni Bates and Jalen Duren(if there was one) has closed. Duren showed he can guard on the perimeter doing a pretty good job on Bates, which he guarded most of the time. Bates is a stone cold scorer but still takes a lot of bad shots. He has problems finishing at the basket. Duren is a beast who has a 15 foot jump shot now. He has problems turning over his right shoulder to spin to the basket and score. He always shoots a fadeaway when he turns over that shoulder. Bates did not guard Duren at all, he was switched off once in the interior and fouled him. Bates needs to get stronger and Duren needs to learn how to handle the ball on the perimeter to advance their games to the next level. They are the Top 2 players in the country but to me there is competition for those spots, namely Chris Livingston, and Amari Bailey as two that come to mind.

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