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DJ Wagner vs Team AKT at Southern Jam Fest!!!!!!

Dajuan Wagner Jr 6'4" combo guard NJ Prospects Travel Team who plays high school basketball at Camden(NJ) High School. The consensus #1 ranked player in Class of 2023. This is an evaluation of one game and the first time I've seen him play a full game. I watched the game online. This is what I saw.

OFFENSE: Wagner was in single figures for most of the game before ending up with around 18 points. The camera man kept moving the camera so was not able to see everything. It was unfortunate because what I did not see I'm sure Wagner scored a few more points. Wagner attacked the basket and miss a couple of shots he normally makes. He played within the offense. I did not see him force one shot the entire game. Missed an easy tip-in in the first half along with a 13 foot jumper in the lane. He scored on a smooth left handed drive for a layup early in the second half. He did not shoot a three pointer till the last minute of the game. He was two for two and his last one was a 30 footer in the last minute of the game. It is obvious he's gifted in all areas of the game on this end of the floor. Can score in all three areas of the court. Nice handles and quick first step to get into the lane. The defense doubled and triple teamed him when he drove into the lane. He made nice passes out of penetration throughout the game. I counted at least 8 assists for Wagner. Stayed in control for the most part driving to the basket. He did commit one offensive foul which was his only turnover. Made both of his free throws. Moves off the ball and makes the defense work while coming off down screens to catch and shoot, or attack the basket for a layup or pull-up jumper. Can finish at the rim with either hand.

DEFENSE: Very underrated on this end of the floor. He used his length against smaller guards to give them fits on the perimeter. Played lazy defense on a reach around in the second half otherwise solid. Wagner knows how to move his feet and stay in front of his man. Rebounds well for his position. Looks up the floor immediately before either bringing the ball up himself, or getting it to another guard. Talks constantly on defense to his teammates, sometimes point them to the right spot in their man to man or zone defense. Very attentive on this end of the court. Sometimes can be caught looking at the ball on defense. Hustled down the floor late in the game to attempt to stop a 3 on 1 fast break. Game was pretty much decided by then. Knows how to guard the pick and roll and makes it hard to get taken out on it.

CONCLUSION: Barring injury this young man is a pro. Fundamentally sound on both ends of the court. He'll kill you and frustrate you with his fundamentals, but that is not all there is to his game. Good size for a point guard that plays both ends of the floor. Above average athlete who chooses to score on pull-ups, floaters, and layups with both hands. Did not score much most of this game, but was engaged the entire time. Did not force the action and used his teammates very well. Wagner is only concerned with winning and it showed this game. He could have forced the action to get his numbers but he did not do that. One of the most advanced young men skill wise that I've seen in a long time. Athleticism is coming and he will get stronger. Once he starts hammering on guys on the regular look out. Getting a look at

DJ Wagner get better and better the next two years of high school will be very exciting to watch.

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