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Criticism of Lebron James at travel events is ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!

Lebron James son named Lebron James Jr aka Bronny is an incoming 9th grader into high school. He'll be playing at Sierra Canyon(CA) High School in Chatsworth. He's a Class of 2023 point guard who has been playing on the travel circuit for a number of years now. He plays for a couple of teams called Blue Chips and Strive for Greatness. Lebron James is one of the at worst Top 10 players of all time. He's still a relevant figure in the NBA, with Nike, and will stay formidable in the business world. He also comes to most of his sons travel games. He cheers, he dunks in layup lines, he sometimes enters the coaching huddle though he is not a coach. He has received a lot of criticism from these so called pundits in the national sports media. It is here that I am going to discuss why I disagree with these clowns.

1) Parents on the travel circuit are a wild bunch. I've been to events like the Under Armour Association, Nike EYBL Indianapolis, Nike Peach Jam. I've also been to the Riverside Brookfield(IL) Shootout, Ridgewood(IL) Shootout, and NY2LA in Milwaukee,WI. All this Spring/Summer. I've seen mostly good behavior from these parents. You do have some bad apples blaming every loss on an official, coach, or other kids on their team being selfish. I've also seen parents coaching their kids from the stands. All bad and does not help their kid deal with adverse situations in life. For the most part parents are a good audience to have from what I've seen. Travel ball parents get a bad rap in my opinion.

2) Lebron James has done none of these bad things. I am not a fan of him coming into huddles in the middle of a game, but when he does he's coaching ALL the kids not just his son. He will occasionally holler at an official but nothing out of the ordinary. He has to have a special area to sit in with security around him. This is because of celebrity obsessed fans who would keep bothering him while he's trying to watch his son. I've heard some fans while standing in line at some events say they come just to see Lebron James sit in a gym. They don't come to see the game or see Bronny(hopefully that changes). I think that is ridiculous as a gym rat and lover of the game of basketball.

3) Lebron James is a celebrity. He's a celebrity to the kids on the court, he is to some on Bronny's team. I do not think the kids mind him warming up with them, in fact some of them welcome it. As long as the organizers do not mind why should anyone else? Would I do it as a parent? No. Do I recommend other parents being allowed to do it? No. I don't think Bronny or anyone else out there has a problem with it so neither should we. He's not hurting anyone by doing it.

4) Lebron James is being very involved with his kids and trains them when he can. People complain about black fathers not being involved( this is false stats show we are the most involved fathers of any race). When one like Lebron is involved now they are saying he's being too involved, or a helicopter Dad. Which is it folks? Be happy he is engaged and involved with his kids lives and their basketball. You don't see images like that on television because the white media wants the propoganda of the black father not being involved. i applaud Lebron because he's not leaving parenting to maids, nannies, and the like. Bravo Lebron.

5) I'll bet clowns that are criticizing him like Jason "Clown" Whitlock and Skip "Idiot" Bayless have never been to a travel event or travel game in their careers. They see clips of Lebron James warming up and cheering his kid while losing his shoe on the court, and immediately criticize. Well he wouldn't be so close to the court without celebrity hounds in the stands who would bother him the whole game. Have you hacks thought of that one? No, because you've never been to a travel game or travel event. Walk a mile before criticizing Clown and Idiot.

6) Lastly I commend the Nike EYBL Cicruit and Peach Jam security. They do a wonderful job accommodating fans and Lebron James family from what I see. It's very organized and they make it a good viewing experience for everyone. They will have another 6-7 years of this(he has another son Bryce), so they will have a chance to improve on the great job they already do.

7) Addendum: enjoy the fact that Lebron James will keep being involved on the travel circuit and high school as his sons Bronny, Bryce, and maybe his daughter navigate through their basketball careers. Chill out Clown and Idiot. Also for you guys maybe attend a travel event that Bronny James is playing in before criticizing. God Bless and Peace to the Creatures.

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