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Class of 2025 watch list for Illinois!!!!!!!!!!

I went to Pangos Frosh/Soph Midwest Camp this past weekend and saw some talented incoming freshman. Some young men on this list were not at Pangos. I saw them in other settings. I do not do rankings because I think it's too early for them, so I have compiled a short watch list. If your name is not on it, don't be discouraged. I will do my best to come and check you out over the next 4 years. Rankings will fluctuate as some kids stagnate and some kids keep working in the lab and growing their game. Here we go:

Brady Lavin, 5'11" guard, Fenwick, Oak Park

George Richardson, 6'3" wing, DePaul College Prep(Chicago)

Jamarion Bardwell, 5'8" point guard, Sacred Heart Griffin(Springfield)

Keyshawn Barfield, 6'8" center, Lincoln Park(Chicago)

Kendall Cutler, 6'2" guard, Bolingbrook

Emmanuel Mosley, 5'8" point guard, St Laurence(Burbank)

Sean Reynolds, 6'1" guard, DeKalb

Joseph Johnson, 6'0" guard, DeLaSalle

Justin Bowen, Jr, 6'3" wing, Lincoln Park(Chicago)

Amari Edwards, 5'7" point guard, St Rita(Chicago)

Cameron Thomas, 6'2" guard, Mount Carmel(Chicago)

Brady Sehlhorst, 6'4" wing, Glenbrook South(Glenview)

Bryce Heard, 6'6" wing, Kenwood Academy(Chicago)

Antonio Munoz, 6'4" wing, Whitney Young(Chicago)

Ian Militec, 6'5" guard, Rolling Meadows

Marshall Gehrke, 6'3" wing, Antioch Community

Jacob Rice, 6'2" guard, St Laurence(Burbank)

Jonas Johnson, 6'5" guard, DePaul College Prep(Chicago)

Alexander Vincent, 6'7" center, Oak Park River Forest

Isaiah Pickens, 5'7" point guard, Curie(Chicago)

Vincas Buzelis, 6'3" point guard, Hinsdale Central(Darien)

Vincent Kelly, 5'9" point guard, Lincoln Park(Chicago)

Joshua Pettigrew, 6'4" wing, Fenwick(Oak Park)

Jabarie Brown, 5'8" point guard, Curie(Chicago)

Damian Porter Jr, 6'3" wing, Fenwick(Oak Park)

Yaris Irby, 5'9" point guard, Evanston Township

Robert Walls II, 5'11" point guard, Kenwood Academy(Chicago)

Melvin Bell, 6'4" wing, St Rita(Chicago)

Jeremiah Fears,5’9” point guard, West(Joliet)

There are more to watch and progress over the years. Let's see how this class as a whole develops.

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