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Class of 2023 Top 10 players for Illinois Volume 2!!!!!!

This class will be the next senior class for Illinois in the coming year. Look for a lot of movement especially after the Spring and Summer circuits are played. The number one player will be a surprise to some but not to others. Look for some of these young men to move up national rankings with their play on the circuits. Here we go:

1) Owen Freeman, Bradley Bourbonnais(6'10" forward)- Iowa commit. He can score from three, mid range free throw jump shots, and scoring on the block with jump hooks, fall-aways and spin moves finishing with dunks. Rebounds at a high level on both defensive and offensive boards. He's a decent rim protector in the paint. Is very good at guarding the pick and roll. Plays for Independent Midwest Pro Academy. Look for him to make a big move in the national rankings.

2) Darrin Ames, Kenwood Academy(Chicago)(6'2" point guard)- He can get where he wants on the floor, with nice hesitation dribbles, wizardly ball handling, nice first step to the basket or pull-up jumpers. Shoots a good percentage from three point range, and his athleticism has improved till now he dunks on players when attacking the basket. Quick hands to get steals on and off the ball. Has to learn to decide when to score or when to set up teammates. Runs with Mac Irvin Fire on Nike EYBL Circuit.

3) Cameron Christie, Rolling Meadows(6'6" combo guard)-He can actually be a full time point guard, a position he's played all his life. He has a nice two dribble pull-up from mid range, can hit three pointers off the dribble, and catch and shoot, and is getting better finishing at the rim with either hand. Is starting to dunk on guys while attacking the basket. Still needs to get stronger, but is a good passer off the dribble setting up three point shooters. Long arms and active hands make him a good defender who can get steals and deflections. Plays for Illinois Wolves on Under Armour Circuit. Look for him to explode in the national rankings this Spring and Summer.

4) Asa Thomas, Lake Forest(6'6" guard)- Big time three point shooter who can get hot hitting them in bunches. Moves well without the ball, and can hit two dribble pull-ups with great consistency. Finishes at the basket with either hand, can rebound on both ends, and is a good passer on the break and in the half court. Plays within himself and does not get sped up on the offensive end. Is good on help side defense and can get into passing lanes to get steals. Will finish with a two hand dunk on back door cuts. Plays for Illinois Wolves on Under Armour Circuit.

5) Daniel Johnson, Whitney Young(Chicago)(6'6" guard)- He has a great chance to move up on this list. He was injured most of the year, but you could see what kind of difference maker he was when he returned. Can hit the three, attack off the bounce and finish at the rim. Good mid- range pull-up jumper off the dribble, good defender as he pressures players on the wing. Long arms to get deflections, steals, and make life miserable for the offensive player. Can run some point guard for you at times. Plays for Meanstreets on the Nike EYBL Circuit. More offers will be forthcoming.

6) Davius Loury, Kenwood Academy(Chicago)(6'7" wing)- Nice step out three point shooter, can fill it up. Is getting better off the dribble hitting mid range jump shots. Hits the glass on both ends of the court. Is good at hitting passing lanes for steals and finishes at the rim. Good complementary player for the next level, colleges do not have to teach him how to do it. Plays well off the ball and is good at reading what gaps to cut to for lay-ups and jump shots. Plays for Mac Irvin Fire on Nike EYBL Circuit. Has an impressive offer list.

7) Zack Hawkinson, Sacred Heart Griffin(Springfield)(6'6" forward)- Double/double machine that is strong on the interior. Cannot move him off his spot, has strong hands where defenders cannot take the ball away from him. Hit a three pointer at the State Finals where his team won the Class 3A title. Had double/doubles in both games. Has shown some ability to take defenders off the dribble from the three point line, to strong finishes at the basket. Rim protects very well. Has shown he can gaud the pick and roll n the perimeter. Plays for Midwest Pro Academy. No offers as of yet but they will come.

8) DeAndre Craig Jr, Mount Carmel(Chicago)(6'2" point guard)- Can score in a variety of ways, hits the three pointer at a high clip. Hits mid range pull-up jumpers but is best at attacking the basket. Good defender on the ball and off the ball. Quick hands that gets steals in bunches, makes good passes setting up teammates. Knows when to take over a game or allow teammates to get their shots off. Plays the game so smooth he could play in a tuxedo. Two way warrior at the point guard position. Big time sleeper nationally. Plays for Team FVV(Fred Van Vleet) on Under Armour Circuit. More offers will be forthcoming.

9) Ty Pence, St Joe Ogden(6'6" guard)- Can get his own shot, nasty two dribble mid range jumper who makes it look easy. Hits three pointers at a high rate off the bounce, or with the catch and shoot. Finishes at the rim with good athleticism will posterize you with a quickness. Just watch the youtube video that's loaded. Good defender off the ball and works hard to be a two way player. Plays with a flair on the court and an edge. Can run the point for you in a pinch. Plays for Midwest Pro Academy. Very good offer list.

10) Ahmad Henderson II, Brother Rice(Chicago)(5'10" point guard)- Best pure point guard in the state. Is a big time leader and a true lead guard. Makes his teammates better by setting them up for good shots consistently. He can get his own offense with a nice three point shot, can get anywhere he wants on the court. One of the best finishers at the rim in the state no matter his size. Nice pull-up mid range jumper. Gets steals mostly off the ball with good instincts on the court. Clutch player has hit a lot of game winners. Plays for Indpendent Y and R(Young and Reckless).

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