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Class of 2022 Top 10 player rankings for Illinois Volume 2!!!!!

Big Tim's Final rankings for this class as most will head to college next year to play college basketball. A lot of them you will see on television next year. I wish all of them the best of success and will follow their careers. A couple I did not have in volume one and I don't go strictly by national rankings, I go by what I see. Some of the downstate guys I saw online watching games on NFHS Network. Here we go:

1) Braden Huff, Glenbard West(Glen Ellyn)(6'11" forward)- Gonzaga commit. He said it in the title game "I own this state" and he did this year. Brought the ball up the court and set up the offense sometimes. He can hit threes, is patient in the paint with drop steps over left or right shoulder. Can hit the mid range jumper and is a great passer out of low or high post. Lost one game in summer with Illinois Wolves and one game during high school season. Class 4A State Champion. Big Tim and Chicago Sun Times All-Area Player Of The Year.

2) Jaden Schutt, Christian(Yorkville)(6'5" guard)- Duke commit expanded his game this year. He used to be a stand still jump shooter from three. One of the best three point shooters in state history. Can score on mid range post ups, attacking the basket and finishing with nasty dunks. Has become a better defender and rebounder. Class 1A State Champion. Lost one game in summer with Illinois Wolves Gatorade State Player Of The Year. Big Tim All-Area pick.

3) Ty Rodgers, Thornton Township(6'6" wing)- Illinois commit is an absolute monster and warrior. Double/double machine with some triple doubles. Very versatile as a rebounder on both ends, good passer, and finisher at the rim. A high flyer who can embarrass a defender trying to block his shot at the summit(rim). Versatile defender who can guard all five positions at the high school level. If he ever gets a consistent jump shot at the college level, LOOK OUT!!!!!! Big Tim All-Area pick.

4) Nick Martinelli, Glenbrook South(Glenview)(6'7" forward)- Elon commit had a monster senior season. Could not be stopped offensively all year long. Scoring in the paint over his right shoulder, taking his time and getting a lot of and ones at the basket. Can hit the three point shot and mid range shots free throw line extended. Hit the glass on both ends hard. Led team to first Sectional Title in school history. Big Tim All-Area pick. Nike Peach Jam Semifinalist with Meanstreets.

5) Xavier Amos, Whitney Young(Chicago)(6'8" forward)- Northern Illinois commit showed everyone this year that the Huskies are getting a steal. Consistent and Mr Reliable for Class 4A Runner-up. Scored on the interior with jump hooks over either shoulder, hitting the mid range shot at a high rate and can step out to hit threes. Good attacker off the dribble and finisher at the basket. Big Tim All-Area pick.

6) Christian Jones, East St Louis(6'5" point guard)- Missouri commit. Downstate player who's a fabulous point guard. Great passer, good at setting up teammates. Can score driving and finishing at the rim. Long defender who gives opposing guards fits with deflections on defense. Hits the boards hard and is an improving shooter from three point range. One of the brightest futures on this list. Class 3A Sectional champ.

7) Caden Pierce, Glenbard West(Glen Ellyn(6'6" guard)- Princeton commit was the de facto point guard for the Hilltoppers. Quick hands on top of the famous 1-3-1 zone of Glenbard West, getting deflections, steals, and breakaway dunks. Can hit the three, get to the basket and finish with Euro steps, up and under, and with strength playing through defenders. Steady with the ball and one I think will thrive in a man to man defense in college. Class 4A State Champion. Big Tim All-Area pick.

8) Andre Casey Jr, Whitney Young(Chicago)(6'8" forward)- Miami(FL) commit. Great complementary player who can do a little bit of everything. Good passer, shooter from mid range, hits the defensive glass at a high level. Good defender that uses his long arms to get into passing lanes and crate havoc for opposing offenses. This may end up being too low for him when it's all said and done, but did what was needed for Class 4A Runner-up. Nike Peach Jam Semifinalist with Meanstreets. Big Tim All-Area pick.

9) Jalen Quinn, Tuscola(6'4" point guard)- Loyola Chicago commit. All time leading scorer at Tuscola is good at running an offense. Strong finisher at the rim and good mid range shooter. Gets it into shooting pockets of three point shooters on the perimeter. Physical defender who gets up into opposing guards, gets deflections for steals. Class 1A Regional Champ. Lost only once over summer with Illinois Wolves.

10) Robbie Avila, Oak Forest(6'9" forward)- Indiana State commit. All time leading scorer at Oak Forest. I call him Mr Slo-Mo because though he's economical with his movements, he kills opponents by taking his time especially on offense. Rebounds at a high rate and is a great passer out of the low and high post. Double/double machine. Big Tim All-Area pick. Nike Peach Jam Semifinalist with Meanstreets.

****NOTE**** Did not get to see NJ Benson of Mount Vernon(6'9" forward) Missouri State commit this season. I've heard he would definitely be Top 10, but I couldn't put him on the list without watching video or in person. I'm sure he'll be a beast at Missouri State.

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