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Class of 2022 Top 10 player rankings for Illinois Volume 1!!!!!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

I think it's safe(somewhat) to do rankings now that the players are in school. These rankings go by production and potential moving forward. These are players I have seen in person or online.

Note: NJ Benson of Mount Vernon is not in the rankings because I've not seen him play in person or online.

1) Braden Huff, Glenbard West(Glen Ellyn)- 6'10" 205 pound forward has been the most productive plyer in the state from the Spring and the Summer. He has balled out for his high school team which(as far as I know) did not lose a game this summer. Played at a high level for the Illinois Wolves who won the Under Armour Association Title. Wolves lost once this summer to 3D Empire out of Texas. His game was dissected in another write-up I did on this site a few weeks ago: Can he keep this ranking throughout the season? Time will tell.

2) Andre Casey Jr., Whitney Young(Chicago)- 6'8"180 pound power forward is a jack of all trades player. Fits in seamlessly with his high school team as well as his travel team Meanstreets(Nike EYBL) that made it to Semifinals of the Peach Jam. Does what is needed playing a role for both teams. He scores from mid range and at the basket, good rebounder, passes well out of the post. I was told he played with a broken finger for three months. Needs to work on being a consistent three point shooter, getting stronger, developing a killer instinct and attacking the basket off the bounce. If he can master those things he can play the three at the next level. At this point he's more of a 4(power forward) than a 3(small forward). 247 composite 53rd ranked player in nation. Here are his offers: Also Casey in action:

3) Jaden Schutt, Christian(Yorkville)- 6'5" 170 pound combo guard and Duke commit is the best three point shooter in the State. He can shoot it on the catch, off the dribble, step backs, and coming off a screen. He has a textbook stroke which is clean when it comes out of his hands. He has added a driving game to his arsenal, as well as two dribble pull-ups. His game has gone to an elite level because now his finish at the rim is elite. Athleticism is now off the charts, a big improvement from his sophomore year when I watched him. Catching alley-oops on the regular now. He's better at running a team from the point. Needs to get stronger, improve his ball handling, as well as off the ball defense, though that has gotten better. Also needs to be a better finisher with his left hand. Played travel ball for Illinois Wolves who won the Under Armour Association Title. Has become a better defender on the ball as he's now above average on that end of the court. Has a good chance to lead his team to the Class A title this season. 247 composite 107th ranked player in nation. Schutt in action:

4) Nick Martinelli, Glenbrook South(Glenview)- 6'7"200 pound forward and Elon commit is a scoring machine from all three levels of the court. The lefty scores on threes, drives to the basket. a nice floater in the lane, and finishes with nice post-up moves. He has an up and under, a jump hook, ball fakes, and goes around defender with Euro step and finish. Offensive savant, who can draw fouls and get to the line at a high frequency. Played for Meanstreets on Nike EYBL Circuit that made the Semifinals of the Peach Jam. Averaged 12 points a game on 65% shooting OFF THE BENCH!!!!!!!!!!! Needs a lot of work defensively though he is an underrated shot blocker, defending the pick and roll, and guarding 3's on the perimeter. Hits the offensive and defensive boards at a high rate as he's averaged double digits in this category throughout his career. Working on finishing at the basket with his right hand should be a high priority for him. No ranking on 247 composite. Martinelli in action:

5) Jalen Quinn, Tuscola- 6'4" 170 pound point guard and Loyola Chicago commit is a true floor general. Loyola Chicago gets another steal in this ball player. Played for Under Armour Association Champ Illinois Wolves. He can get to the basket with his strength and will sometimes bully the opposing guard off his defensive spot. Uses a low dribble to get into the paint and finish either with a mid range floater, or finishing at the basket. Good passer who hits teammates in their passing pocket for a three point shot, or a finish at the rim. Cerebral point guard with a high IQ to know where everyone is on the floor. Deceptively quick first step that he also uses to get to the basket. Uses his solid build on defense to keep opposing guards in front of him. Needs to get quicker with his feet on both ends of the court. Can use his strength too much to commit fouls on both ends, sometimes will commit a needless offensive foul. Needs to develop a more consistent three point shot, off catch and shoot as well as the bounce. He gets into the lane so well at the high school level, that he has not needed the three point shoot. Will need it at the next level. No 247 composite ranking. Quinn in action:

6) Trey Pettigrew, Kenwood Academy, Chicago- 6'4" 175 pound combo guard has grown on me once again. I loved how he played at Fenwick(Oak Park) his sophomore year. He transferred out to Arizona for his junior year and did not see him play. Watched him play earlier in the summer and was not impressed. I've now seen him in Las Vegas twice last month, and see why I was a fan of his game in the first place. Plays for Mac Irvin Fire on Nike EYBL Circuit. He can score a variety of ways and uses minimum dribbles to do so. Can hit the three, get to the basket with a nice Euro step and finish. Nasty two dribble pull-up from mid range, and is now a willing defender. He's very good playing in a high octane free flowing system. Is not bad in the half court game either, but can get bogged down by physical play. Needs to work on a blow by move to get separation from defender to get to the basket. Above average athlete who will dunk on you at the rim. 247 composite ranked 159th in nation. Here's his school list: Pettigrew in action:

7) Robbie Avila, Oak Forest- 6'8" 210 pound power forward is a versatile big man. He can bring the ball up court and set up the offense. He can step out and hit the three, post up in the paint shooting jump hooks over either shoulder. Nice spin moves over either shoulder to score in the paint. He gets it done at his own pace, you cannot speed him up. Can hit cutters with nice passes over the shoulder, or around his defender. Hits shooters in their shooting pocket for threes. Rebounds at a high level on the defensive end of the court. Reiterating he does not have to pass to a guard, he can bring the ball up the court himself. Can score off pick and roll, or pick and pop. Cerebral ball player who plays to his strengths. He needs to work on his foot speed to be able to guard slashing 4's from the perimeter. Needs to guard pick and roll better as he has trouble keeping players from turning the corner. May have to learn how to use angles to cut off drivers. Not the greatest run/jump athlete but compensates for that with his basketball IQ. No 247 composite ranking. Plays for Meanstreets on the Nike EYBL Circuit. Made the semifinals of the Peach Jam. Here's his school list: Avila in action:

8) Jackson Munro, New Trier(Winnetka)- 6'8" 190 pound forward can score off pick and pop three point shot. Scores well in the mid range as he has a soft touch with the turnaround jumper. Uses a step back jumper in the mid range. Can back you down and score in the paint area. Nice Euro step around defenders to score at the basket. Rebounds his position. Takes his time around the basket and is not rushed into his post moves. Passes well to players cutting to the basket and out of the post to shooters. Needs to learn to score going left and over his left shoulder. Average athlete who has trouble guarding 4's on the perimeter. Needs to get better changing ends of the court. Plays for Fundamental U an independent team. No ranking on 247 composite. Here's his school list: Munro in action:

9) Jaylen Drane, Simeon(Chicago)- 6'3" 165 pound point guard is a cerebral floor general. Attacks the basket at will. Loves to use Euro step to get around defender and finish. Good layup shooter with either hand, finishes well at the rim. Will shoot a mid range floater and/or pull-up in the lane. Good passer who hits cutters in stride, and three point shooters in shooting pocket. Throws accurate alley-oop passes to big men for the finish. Puts pressure on opposing point guards with his long arms, and uses them to get steals. Has to get stronger, needs to get a serviceable three point shot off the catch as well as off the bounce. This will open up his drives to the basket. Plays for Mac Irvin Fire. 247 composite 242nd ranked in nation. Here's his school list:

Drane in action:

10) Caden Pierce, Glenbard West(Glen Ellyn)- 6'6"185 pound combo guard who can play both guard positions. Knock down three point shooter off the bounce or the catch. Loves to attack the basket and finish at the rim with either hand. Plays well off the ball as he is always in motion. Hits two dribble pull-ups from mid range along with a nice floater. Good passer who finds cutters as well as three point shooter. Not afraid to take a charge, high IQ player on the court. Nice Euro step to go around defender and finish with left or right. Can score in the post with a fall-away jumper off mismatch. Rebounds well for his position. Has to be a better defender on the perimeter in man to man and get his body stronger. Plays for Under Armour Association Champ Illinois Wolves. No ranking in 247 composite. Here's his school list: Pierce in action:

Next update will be middle December after a few games have been played. Who will stay in the Top 10? Stay tuned.

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