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Circuit Championship Superlatives Day 1 and 2!!!!!!

First annual Circuit Championships sponsored by Pangos Fantastic 40 is going on at Tarkanian Basketball Academy in Las Vegas. These are the top 17U players I've seen the last 2 days.

Anthony Black, 3D Empire- 6'6" Guard has shown his versatility the first two days filling out the stat sheet. Team is 1-2 but he has shown his scoring from all three levels, rebounding, passing, and quick hands leading to steals. Can play point at next level.

Tyler Andrews, Belmont Shores- 6'6" wing is shooting an obscene percentage from three the first two days against top competition. Lit up 3D Empire and Texas Circuit All-Stars.

Trey Pettigrew, Belmont Shores- 6'3" guard had a 25 point game with 4 threes vs Texas Circuit All-Stars.

Aiden Shaw, Belmont Shores- 6'9" versatile wing hits threes and can finish at the rim on dribble drives to the basket.

Ryan Agrawal, 3D Empire- 6'6" guard Stanford commit hits shots from all over the floor and showed vision in hitting teammates with passes in stride for baskets.

Nolan Winter, Circuit All-Stars- 6'8" wing is a sniper from three specifically the corners. You might as well run to the other end if he gets an open shot from behind the line.

Hansel Donato, Circuit All-Stars- 6'6" guard gets in your grill as a defender and will pick your pocket with a quickness. He scores on all three levels of the court. Oh did I mention he only has one hand?

Keyonte George, Texas Circuit All-Stars- 6'5" guard did not shoot well on Friday but showed his point guard chops setting up his teammates. Makes his college decision on Sunday. I think it will be Baylor or Texas.

Lee Dort, Texas Circuit All-Stars- 6'10" forward is a bouncy and athletic big man who powers through finishes at the rim and is a good rim protector.

Arterio Morris, Dallas Showtyme- 6'3" point guard Texas commit did it all in both games he played yesterday finishing at the rim, running his team, and hitting threes. Explosive guard and quick on penetration to the basket.

Brice Sensenbaugh, E1T1United- 6'6" well built guard was ridiculous yesterday getting whatever he wanted, shooting threes, finishing through contact at the basket, dribble penetration, scoring with either hand.

Dillon Mitchell, E1T1 United- 6'8" slick lefty wing was hitting step back threes, scoring on slow euro steps to the basket, and defending multiple positions.

Gambino Ramirez Jr, Hoop Vizion- 6'1" guard was scoring at all three levels the last two days. He was everywhere on defense, stripping bigs, and getting into passing lanes for steals.

James Agany, San Francisco Rebels- 7'1" center was rim protecting on Day 1 as well as finishing dunks at the rim. Raw talent but changes ends of the court very well.

Justin Bodo, San Francisco Rebels- 6'11" forward was tag team partner in the paint with Agany. Rim protector, finishing dunks at the baslet and wrecking havoc for anyone who came into the lane. Class of 2023 talent.

Loren Walker, Sheed Wallace Select- 6'4" do it all guard was scoring from three and finishing at the rim. Defended both guard positions very well.

Pape Niang, Southeast Elite- 6'10" forward protected the rim along with showing his shooting from outside.

Ernest Udeh, Southeast Elite- 6'10" center showed his rim protecting as well along with Niang. Good finisher at the rim.

Jayden White, Team Keenan Allen- 6'7" wing showed all his skills on the perimeter, hitting threes and slashing to the basket and finishing at the rim.

Justin White, Team Keenan Allen- 6'6" wing showed similar skills to his twin brother Jayden. Tag team killas hitting threes and slashing to the basket and finishing at the rim.

Sandaraque Nganga, Vegas Elite- 6'9" jumbo wing is a knockdown three point shooter and can drive to the basket or score in the mid post. Hits the glass well on both ends.

Adriame Diongue, Vegas Elite- 7'0" center is an elite rim protector and rebounder.

Keyon Menifield, Vegas Elite- 6'2" guard who can score as well as distribute to his teammates.

Daniel Rouzman, Vegas Elite- 6'8" forward takes advantage of mismatches on the block and will abuse smaller defenders at the basket.

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