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Chitown Showcase II Wrap-Up sponsored by Xposureruns!!!!!!

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS: Location again was the beautiful 167 Green in Chicago. Beautiful view of the Chicago Skyline 17 floors above the city. Big thanks to Mustafa Abdullah for running a class event once again. Also to the Cresa for sponsoring the event and Jerk Chicken Soul Food owned by Jeremy Fears Sr for providing the meal for everyone. Big thanks to the servers who were very nice and filled the plate with good tasting food. Here's some superlatives for the players. There was an open run to start which was a little sloppy, then tournament play where everything picked up. Here we go:


LATHAN SOMMERVILLE, 6'10" Class of 2024, Richwoods (Peoria): Rutgers commit was dominant in the paint, was hitting step out three pointers mostly from top of the key. He did hit a couple getting it off the defensive glass, pushing the ball and pulling up for jump shots. Showed some rim protecting by blocking a few shots in the paint. Showed a great all around skill package in the event. He was on the winning team in the event.


MALACHI JOHNSON, 6'2" combo guard, Class of 2024, Guilford (Rockford): He was smooth in the open runs doing a bit of everything. His three point shot was falling at a high rate, was getting to the basket and finishing with either hand. Played some very good on the ball defense getting multiple steals and getting out on the break for dunks. He continued his outstanding play in the tournament run. Versatile guard who would make a college coach very happy to get his talents.


KALEB JACKSON, 6'2" point guard, Class of 2024, Carmel Catholic (Mundelein): Shot the cover off the ball all day. Made a great case to be MVP in either game. Played off the ball on this day and showed an outstanding catch and shoot game from three. He hit most of them from the corners, also hit a few step back three point shots. I would estimate he was about 70% from three on the day. Showed college coaches he's not just an on the ball player, as he moved well off the ball to get open looks from three. Colleges need knockdown shooters from the corners and he showed he can do it very well.


BJ POWELL, 6'0" point guard, Class of 2026, Lincoln Way East (Frankfort): He was hunting his shot early in the event, but went back to being a point later in the day. Showed a nice three point shot off the catch and hit a few off the dribble. Lefty is good at getting to the basket and scoring with his strong hand at the rim. Made some good passes to open shooters.


EHI OGBOMO, 6'0" point guard, Class of 2024, East (Plainfield): Explosive, explosive, explosive!!!!! King of Bounce who can get off the floor and dunk on bigs in the paint. He did get a shot blocked on one attack to the basket, but can get off the floor with a quickness. He can also create his own shot off the dribble, with a nice mid range pull-up package. Can shoot it off either shoulder. He was hitting threes at a consistent rate in the event. Opened some eyes to people in the area who had not seen him play. Buy stock college coaches.


AL BROOKS JR, 6'6" wing, Class of 2025, Hansberry College Prep (Chicago): Smooth wing is a two end force. Attacks the rim and finishes with either hand on layups or dunks, and can pull-up and hit mid range jump shots. Can do it off the dribble and off the catch. Hits the glass on both ends of the court and can push the ball and run the offense. Versatile defender who can defend all five positions on the high school level. Played hard with great intensity on both ends of the court. Underrated in his class.


GIANNI COBB, 6'0" point guard, Class of 2024, Homewood Flossmoor: Columbia commit is another explosive guard, not as much off vertical but his quickness in getting anywhere on the court off the dribble. He slithers into small spaces and finishes at the rim, and is doing it with either hand now. He uses his quickness all over the court, getting steals, rebounds, and pushing it up the court. Hit a couple of threes in this event. Best two end guard in the state and is nasty in transition.


SHAHEED SOLEBO, 6'4" wing, Class of 2024, Lane Tech College Prep (Chicago): Lefty showed his scoring versatility hitting threes off the catch and off the dribble. Showed he can get to the rim off the dribble and finishes above the rim. Defends all perimeter positions on the floor, used his long arms to get into passing lanes for steals. Sneaky athleticism to get defensive boards.

JESHAWN STEVENSON, 6'3" combo guard, Class of 2024, Linblom Math and Science (Chicago): Cleveland State commit showed his professional scoring ability in this event. He scored in a variety of ways, on drives to the basket, mid range pull-ups, three point pull-up jump shots, up and under at the rim. Did run some point guard in this event but was more of the scoring variety.

ELIJAH LOVEMORE, 6'2" point guard, Class of 2025, Bloom Township (Chicago Heights): Best passer in the event his vision is next level especially in traffic driving to the basket. Makes accurate full length court passes in transition for teammate to make the layup or dunk. Showed a good mid range jump shot in the event.

CHRIS RIDDLE, 6'5" wing, Class of 2024, Kenwood Academy (Chicago):DePaul commit showed his two way play in event. Strong attacks and finishes using his strong body to finish through contact. Had some nice dunks. Three point shot was falling mostly off the dribble. Hit the glass on both ends and made some nice outlet passes in transition. Played good on the ball defense on the wing.

STEPHEN BROWN, 6'6" wing, Class of 2026, Marist (Chicago): Ran the floor well and finished at the rim strong on passes in transition. Showed he can step out and hit some threes along with attacking off the dribble from the wing. Upside is tremendous. Could end up the number one player in the class when it's all said and done.

IKEE BROOKS, 5'11" point guard, Class of 2025, Hansberry College Prep (Chicago): Attack, attack, attack. He attacked the rim whether it's in transition or in the half court. Had some strong finishes at the rim with up and unders, and straight line drives to the rim. Hit a couple of threes and mid range pull-up jump shots in this event.

SAMAR BURES, 5'9" point guard, Class of 2024, Rich Township (Richton Park): Showed some explosiveness off the floor with a couple of nice dunks off vertical. He also likes to attack the rim and finish over bigger players. Shot a couple of nice mid range pull-up jump shots.

DONTE MONTGOMERY, 6'2" combo guard, Class of 2025, Oak Lawn: Hit some threes but was best on the defensive end. He blocked a few jump shots and one at the rim. Made some steals in passing lanes and passed the ball ahead to teammates in transition.

URIAH DAVIS, 5'11" point guard, Class of 2027, Homewood Flossmoor: Young man did not take a lot of shots but made some good passes to teammates setting them up for shots. Might have to add him to my watch list for freshman. Bright future for the young man.

QUENTIN MCCOY, 6'1" point guard, Class of 2024, Lindlom Math and Science (Chicago): One half of a nice backcourt duo with Stevenson Jr. He showed he could hit threes or get to the rim and finish in this event. Hustled back on defense and forced some mistakes in transition.

SANTANA FLOWERS, 6'4" wing, Class of 2024, Bloom Township (Chicago Heights): King of Bounce. JAM......OH JAM!!!!! Exciting athlete who gets out in transition and gets rim run dunks consistently. He showed a nice step out three point shot in this event and some mid range jump shots. Protects the rim well on defense with blocked shots and altered shots. College scholarship player.

JAMARRI FEARS, 5'8" point guard, Class of 2027, West (Joliet): One to watch in the future. He didn't shoot many shots in the event but had some nice passes to teammates for scores. He was scrappy getting on the floor for loose balls getting possessions for his team. Had some steals and nice penetration to the lane, drawing the defense and made some nice passes.

ANGELO CIARAVINO, 6'6" wing, Class of 2024, Mount Carmel (Chicago): Northwestern commit showed some nice three and D play in this event. He hit some threes, made some nice attacks to the rim with dunks. Had a nasty blocked shot at the rim and hit the defensive glass. Ran the floor in transition and had some nice finishes at the rim off passes from teammates.

JAHEEM WEBBER, 6'9" center, Class of 2024, Normal Community: Wright State commit is a load in the paint. He was finishing at the rim with players hanging on his arms. When he makes up his mind to go up strong, forget about it. He hit a couple of threes in transition and some nice jump hooks in the lane. Owned the glass in the paint.

JT PETTIGREW, 6'6" wing, Class of 2025, Bolingbrook: Showed a nice three point shot from the corners on catch and shoot opportunities, changed ends well and hit the defensive glass.

Made some nice passes out of the post to three point shooters.

YARIS IRBY, 5'10" point guard, Class of 2025, Niles North (Skokie): Lefty lead guard made some nice passes on penetration as well as hitting three pointer off the dribble. Pushed the ball in transition and had some nice setups for teammates.

DWAYNE FLOWERS, 6'4"combo guard, Prosser Career Academy (Chicago): Sleeper prospect who has a versatile game for a guard. He showed he could run a team or play off the ball. Hit some catch and shoot three pointers in this event, got out in transition and scored on a couple of dunks. Can defend all perimeter positions.

DEVIN CLEVELAND, 6'1" combo guard, Class of 2027,Kenwood Academy (Chicago): Scored at all three levels, plays with good pace, has some nice lefty finishes at the rim. Knows when to score and when to pass. Played good on ball defense.

I didn't get everyone but ended up a great event and some players earned some visits to colleges from this event. This is definitely what the event is for which in itself makes it a success.

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