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Can Chet Holmgren be the #1 pick in 2022 NBA Draft?

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Class of 2021 Chet Holmgren is a 7 footer from Minnehaha Academy(MN). He’s skinny(185 pounds soaking wet), he sometimes gets pushed around in the post, doesn’t do many back to the basket moves. You say how’s he a potential #1 pick in a future NBA Draft? Well he can play any position at his size, his toughness is off the charts, he can shoot the three, take players off the dribble, bring the ball up the court to start an offense, has a mid range floater, an elite rim protector. Barstool Sports brought up the subject on their show today. He used Steph Curry’s own move on him to drive by and finish with a dunk. This was at the SC 30 Steph Curry Skills Academy in Oakland(CA).

Jonathan Kuminga my #1 player in Class of 2021, and Cade Cunningham my #1 player in Class of 2020 dunked on Holmgren in Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Kuminga’s dunk was all over social media, but that‘s the price you pay for being an elite rim protector. These things will happen every once in awhile playing against elite talent. He blocks way more shots than people dunking on him. He jumps straight up with 2 hands and keeps the blocked shot in play(aka Bill Russell), and his team invariably scores a layup or dunk on the other end. He has very long arms(7’5” wing span) and uses them well and his intelligence. He does not go after every shot, he uses psychology on the offensive player to make them THINK he’s going after the shot. He has a number of offers from a variety of schools Power 5 and High mid major.

I first saw the kid live at this years Under Armour Association Session 1 at Supreme Courts in Aurora, IL this past April. He plays travel basketball for Grassroots Sizzle(MN). I was very impressed as he displayed all the skills I mentioned above, showed he was tough, and will not back down from anyone at anytime. Don't let his skinny frame fool you, he’s not afraid to bang in the post. He had two triple doubles in one day at Session 1. Oh I forgot AND HE CAN PASS!!!!! He can pass out of the post, off the pick and pop, and off the dribble. He is also not afraid of competition and playing against players from other shoe companies. Evidence? He took an invitation to the Nike 100 in St Louis and played very well against mostly Nike players from EYBL Circuit.

Now for the elephant in the room. If you did not know Chet Holmgren is white and an American. The last American based white male to go number 1 overall in the NBA Draft is Kent Benson out of Indiana in 1977. The last non-black male to be drafted number 1 is Andrea Bargnani from Italy in 2006. Those are uphill climbs for Holmgren, as is a kid named Emoni Bates who is Class of 2022, which is the target date for the NBA to allow high schoolers to enter the NBA Draft again. Another hurdle is he has to play in college for a year, and show he’s worthy of a number 1 overall pick. I know one thing: the next three years will be interesting to watch. Blessings to you young man.

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