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Boys Chicago Public League Playoff Preview!!!!!!!!!!!(UPDATED)

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The brackets are FINALLY OUT!!!!!!!! Even with that there is still controversy about how the bracket was set up. Some teams were seeded below teams though they had a better record. Forfeit wins and cancellations threw it into a flux. Even with that first round games start Thursday.This has been the goal of City teams for decades. To seem the Chicago Public League title is bigger than the State Title. To win the title of the largest public school system in America says a lot. It's a great accomplishment, though this season the Red Conference teams have taken some losses to suburban teams. I would say Simeon Career Academy is the favorite but a number of teams could win it. My opinion is at least four could take the title. Here we go, get your popcorn ready for the next two weeks of drama, close tight games, and maybe some bench clearing incidents. Let's hope the last one does not happen. City Championship is always fun especially the crowded, sweaty, bandbox gyms, rocking with chants from students, adults talking trash to players and vice versa. Here we go in four quadrants bracket order:

#12 Whitney Young(15-8) vs Mather(6-19)

Phillips(6-10) vs Prosser(11-7)

Marshall(2-13) vs North Lawndale(12-10)

Dyett(10-5) vs Hyde Park(17-6)

#8 Kenwood Academy(18-6) vs Hubbard(7-5)

Farragut(4-11) vs Lindbloom(19-7)

Brooks(13-12) vs Corliss(0-8)

Austin(11-4) vs #23 Orr Academy(13-5)

#2 Simeon Career Academy(20-2) vs Agriculture Science(15-5)


Park(12-12) vs Perspectives Leadership(21-4)

Morgan Park(9-9) vs Bogan(7-13)

Taft(17-7) vs Westinghouse(11-10)

#16 Michele Clark(16-3) vs Payton(10-8)

Longwood(11-7) vs Perspectives ITT(14-10)

Lane Tech(15-7) vs Schurz(6-17)

Dunbar(21-4) vs #11 Curie(20-4)

Favorites to come out of each quadrant would be these semifinal matchups:

#12 Whitney Young vs #8 Kenwood Academy rematch of Proviso West Holiday Tournament title game.

#2 Simeon Career Academy vs #11 Curie rematch of Pontiac Holiday Tournament title game.

Darkhorse teams: Longwood, North Lawndale, Hyde Park, Orr.

Sophomore bracket is out too and favorite looks like is Lincoln Park.

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