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Big Tim’s Top 10 craziest fan bases in Chicago Area for Boys High School basketball!!!!!

1) Brother Rice crazies (they take it to another level of craziness)

2) Fenwick (Oak Park) (students are on top of players giving you a miserable feeling)

3) Notre Dame College Prep (Chicago) (sit down shut up chants are cracked up)

4) St Ignatius College Prep (Chicago) (location of gym inside school gives players a cramped feeling)

5) Whitney Young (Chicago) (best fan base in Chicago Public League) (tough to swim in the Pool.

6) New Trier (Winnetka) (wackier with their new gym)

7) Thornton Township (Harvey) (most passionate fan base in South Suburbs)

8) Bogan (Chicago) (small bandbox gym fans are right on top of players on court)

9) Leo Catholic (Chicago) (same as Bogan)

10) tie Evanston Township ( the F—k New Trier chants are vulgar but funny)

10) tie Benet Academy (Lisle) (nice sized gym but noise makes it miserable for opponents.)

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