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Big Tim’s Observations from Week 2 of Fundamental U/Play Hard Fall League!!!

WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS: Back at the Waukegan Fieldhouse on Sunday. More offensive fireworks by individuals this time. Lots of great matchups and individual performances.

#1 player in state was dominant in both games:

Class of 2024 6'9" Illinois commit was outstanding in both games against New Trier (Winnetka) and Carmel Catholic (Mundelein). Had a double/double in each game. Scored in the paint, off rebound put backs, rim protection, and hit multiple threes in each game. Showed he could move his feet by guarding in the open court and getting a steal with quick hands. Thornton Township won both games.

New Barrington star please stand up:

Class of 2026 6'5" combo guard Oliver Gray of Barrington is the next star from that school. He was score from long range on threes, and attacking drives to the basket. Had 40 against Glenbrook South (Glenview) and 25 against Lake Forest. Great matchup with Hudson Scroggins. Speaking of:

Class of 2025 6'7" wing Hudson Scroggins of Lake Forest showed his all around ability in game against Barrington. Hit threes, scored on drives to the basket, and post ups on the block. Played some good defense on Oliver Gray making him work for his points. Hit the glass on both ends very well.

Class of 2024 6'3" wing Tyler Schultz of Barrington is a good basketball player as well as a talented cameraman who does pictures and video at the major basketball events around the country. Had 18 points against Glenbrook South (Glenview).

GET THE CORRECT PLAYER WILL YA!!!!! I was watching Glenbrook South (Glenview) play Barrington from another court. I thought it was Nate Kasher hitting a bunch of threes ( He usually does for them). He was not in the gym, it was Class of 2025 6'0" point guard Anestis Hadjistamoulou of Glenbrook South (Glenview), who was lighting it up for 31 points on 5 threes, some from NBA range. Sorry for the mistake. Kudos to his Pops on that one.

Class of 2024 5'9" point guard Dylan Chung of Vernon Hills was hitting threes, penetrating and passing out to open three point shooters against Central (Grayslake). He also scored on tough layups on the game. He was supported by Class of 6'3" combo guard Deen Hatibovic scoring on slashing drives to the basket and hit a couple of threes.

Class of 2025 6'4" wing AJ Morgan of Vernon Hills is a knockdown three point shooter off the catch, but is also very athletic as he dunked on a Central (Grayslake ) played who will not be named (WATCH YOUR HEAD). Blocked the three point shot, got the steal, drive to the basket and had the rim wrecker finish. Son of former Chicago Bear.

Class of 2025 6'4" wing Xavi Granville of Central (Grayslake)is a big time athletic slasher to the basket and finisher at the rim. Hit the boards on both ends. Hits mid range jump shots.

Class of 2024 5'9" point guard Brayden Hall of Central (Grayslake) hit 4 threes off the dribble against Vernon Hills. Scored on some drives to the basket finishing at the rim.

Class of 2025 6'7" wing Brady Sehlhorst of Notre Dame College Prep (Niles) vs Class of 2025. 6'5" wing Ben Van Lyssel of Libertyville:

This matchup was even in first half as Van Lyssel was scoring point for point with Sehlhorst. The second half Sehlhorst heated up from three and mid range in the win. He was helped out by 6 threes from teammate Class of 2024 6'3" wing Brendan Jost and the post up play of Class of 2025 6'6" forward Reid Rosseland. Libertyville has a player who hit some threes and created off the dribble for pull-up jumpers. His name is Class of 2025 6'3" Jonathan Adjei.

Class of 2025 6'0" point guard Yaris Irby of Niles North (Skokie) vs Class of 2024 6'0" point guard Joseph "Jezzy" White of Waukegan:

This game had some spice to it. Both teams don't have a lot of size so like to push the pace and pressure other offenses. Both are physical on defense. As a result of this their games are usually very chippy. This was no exception as they went back and forth. White hot in some good plays but the defense of Niles North Class of 2025 6'3" combo guard Kaiden Chatman made him work for his buckets. Irby was playing chess while Waukegan was playing checkers most of the game. Class of 2026 6'3" wing Simeon Carter of Waukegan had some nice athletic plays, but Niles North Class of 2025 6'0" combo guard Reid Olson came alive in second half with his three point shooting. That was the difference in Niles North's win.

Class of 2026 6'3" point guard Chris Kirkpatrick of New Trier vs Class of 2027 6'2" point guard Jaxson Davis of Warren Township (Guenee):

Precocious sophomore who's trying to make his place on the Trevians varsity at the point guard position. He showed well in this one as hit hit a few nice mid range jumpers in th lane. Has some nice set up passes to teammates. Confident but not cocky freshman who's trying to show he belongs amongst the top players in the state. This time the sought edge goes to Davis as he did a little bit of everything in the win. He was everywhere, getting steals on and off the ball, scoring from three and mid range in this game.

New Trier has some big time tree point shooters: Besides Kirkpatrick who has only one turnover vs Thornton Township's pressure defense. Class of 2024 6'5" wing Ian Brown just kept knocking down threes specifically from the corners. Class of 2026 6'3" combo guard Danny Houlihan fills it up with his lefty stroke. Class of 2024 6'4" wing Logan Felder can hit them too, but he did more in the midrange on Sunday.

Class of 2025 6'0" combo guard Javerion Banks of Warren Township (Gurnee) is an athletic slasher extraordinaire who can knock down threes at a high rate. He's also an energy guy who has springs in his legs to get up for dunks. Tracks passing lanes real well for steals.

Class of 2026 Braylon Walker had his mid range bag going against New Trier (Winnetka). Hit a few nice two dribble pull-up shots in the lane and hit a couple of threes in the game.

Thornton Township (Harvey)'s offense looks smoother when Class of 2024 Chase Abraham is in the lineup. He can hit threes, attacks the basket, and is good at traps in Thornton's pressure defense.

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