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Big Tim's Insider Notes

1) I predicted Class of 2020 Caleb Love to go to Kansas. I was told today by a good source that North Carolina is very much in the running. Some things need to be worked out for that to happen, otherwise it is believed he'll go to Kansas.

2) Memphis has a very good contingency plan in case they do not get Jalen Green to sign with them. Penny Hardaway is not going away in the recruiting world. He will be in the thick of things with whatever top recruit they decide they want. Memphis is a Nike Elite Basketball program the moment Penny Hardaway became Head Coach. The kids identify with him from his NBA days and former NBA players on his staff. They will be a force to be reckoned with on the recruiting trail.

3) John Calipari is going to have to tweek his recruiting strategy going forward. He has done a masterful job in the 10 years he's been at Kentucky. As trends change( or go up to a higher level), you have to adjust. If he wants to keep being in with the top kids, he's going to have to identify who he wants earlier than they have in the past. Other factors are coming more and more into play in the recruiting world. Kentucky will always be a big time brand, but priorities and other options have changed for the Top 15 players.

4) FBI trial changed nothing in recruiting. It was a dog and pony show because payments are still happening. Very few people went to jail for wire fraud and bribery. You can pass all the laws you want, all they can do is change the rules, they can never stop the game. The shoe companies, handlers, boosters, travel coaches, high school coaches just adapt. The game keeps moving right along.

5) I learned something new today. Athletes get a different amount of money from the stipends the NCAA gives to the players. If you sign with an in state school you get more money than the kid that comes from out of state. Of course the public schools have to declare to the government how much they receive. Meanwhile the private schools are not under the same standards of having to report. So yes they are suppose to give the same percentage of stipend money as the public schools, they can get around that rule. This is why a certain big time private school in North Carolina can get away with breaking the rules. So for folks who are saying the players should get no money, I say no matter what legislation you put in cheating will still happen.

6) This is not a new revelation: look for a bunch of moving parts in recruiting to happen in September. Kids will be doing official visits, deciding which school they will sign with, and a bunch of dominoes will start to fall. The information will be fast and furious in basketball recruiting.

That's it. I'll have more in a couple of weeks. God Bless and Peach to the Creatures.

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