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Big Tim's IHSA Class 2A preview Chicago Area Teams!!!!!!

America's Original March Madness started on Saturday. I think this is the greatest state tournament in America. I've lived many places because of my military experiences and seen many state tournaments in America. Yes I may be biased because I live here now, but there's nothing like high school basketball in Illinois. This is the best time of the year, big crowds, high school gyms filled with students cheering for their classmates to take the next step. The clever chants to bother opposing teams. The Brother Rice crazies. The Notre Dame College Prep Dons chanting "Sit down shut up". The Evanston Township students chanting "F New Trier"if they clash in the State Playoffs. Well not so nice there. Then the chanting and pointing "Scoreboard, Scoreboard, Scoreboard". Then the "Start the buses, start the buses". Then the "Seasons over, seasons over". Seniors have their high school careers end, and only one team in each class is happy and jumping up and down at mid court in Champaign aka Downstate. You see the players crying on the court, coaches and parents trying to cheer them up. You will likely see buzzer beaters, big time plays, all out war with each step. You have to win seven straight games to win the brass ring. You lose you're done that's just the way we do it here. Regionals, Sectionals, Supersectional Monday (does not sound right I loved Supersectional Tuesday), then the Final Four and finally the State Title game. Supersectional to me is the toughest game of the journey, so close but yet so far from Downstate and the Final Four. So here we go with Class 2A for Chicago Area teams.


Christ The King (Chicago) Sectional:

Favorite: Christ The King (Chicago)

Darkhorse: DePaul College Prep (Chicago)

Christ The King is 24-7 have homecourt advantage and they have a huge front line for Class 2A. Start with Calvin Worsham (6'7" junior forward ) who's a double/double machine and can score from outside. Jeremiah Avery (6'6" junior forward) is another inside force with Latravion Watts (6'6" senior forward). Key will be the guard play as Jetwan Chandler (6'3" senior guard) will have to shoot well to keep the defense loose. Big Time contender for State Title.

DePaul College Prep (Chicago) is 16-12 but are just getting their full lineup back. Is it in time to make a run? Just got Payton Kamin (6'8" junior wing) back at full strength. Junior Jaylan McElroy (6'7" junior forward) is a double/double machine inside. Guards Maurice Thomas (6'0" senior), PJ Chambers (6'2" junior), and Makal Kvamme (6'0" sophomore) with Robert Walls (6'0" sophomore ) off the bench. They also have talented wing Jonas Johnson (6'6" sophomore) off the bench. Can they make a return trip to Champaign?

Julian (Chicago) Sectional:

Favorite: Perspectives Leadership (Chicago) (Coop)

Darkkhorse: Wendell Phillips (Chicago)

Perspectives Leadership is 20-11 and has played a tough schedule in the Chicago Public League Red South/Central maybe the toughest high school division in America. They had some guys trying to get eligible earlier in the season, now they are at full strength. Made the Chicago Public League Playoffs Semifinals for the first time ever. The Cobb brothers (senior Kamarion (6'1"), Gianni (6'0" junior) are explosive off the bounce and can get to the basket and finish. Senior JaKeem Cole (6'0" guard) gives them leadership and a monster on both ends of the court. Junior guard Tim Handy (6'2") is another talented player that is another two end talent that hits the glass. Senior JK Woods (6'5" forward) gives them inside play, jumps out of the gym and is a rim runner that finishes above the rim. Not much size, have to have everyone hitting the defensive boards. Quick team but will they hit enough threes to make a deep run in the playoffs?

Wendell Phillips is 16-9 and also played in the Chicago Public League Red South/Central. They made it to the quarterfinals of the Chicago Public League Playoffs. Gave Kenwood Academy a tight game on the road. They beat Perspectives Leadership by 1 in the regular season at home. Leader is Jaheim Savage (6'4" senior guard) along with Jaqueal Barnes (5'11' senior point guard). Other contributors are jumping jack Mario DaSilva II (6'1" senior wing), Mikel Lindsey (6'6" senior wing) a double/double machine. Experienced club and has the horses to make a deep run in state playoffs and win the sectional.


Johnsburg Sectional:

Favorite: Christian (Rockford)

Darkhorse: IC Catholic Prep (Elmhurst)

Note: Christian (Rockford) and Lutheran (Rockford) have split their meetings this season. I have a feeling the winner of the rubber match wins this sectional and has a great chance at getting to Champaign. Both teams have good point guards Elijah Daugherty (5'10" sophomore) for Christian and Walt Hill Jr (6'2" senior point guard). Should be a doozy like the first two games were.

IC Catholic Prep is 23-8 and have senior guards AJ Walsh, Dean O'Brien, and Dominik Ciegotura (6'5" wing). If the guards play well they may pull an upset and win the sectional.

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