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Big Tim’s Class of 2026 Watch List for Illinois!!!!!

I had my first look at some players in this class at Pangos Midwest Frosh/Soph Camp last month. I've seen some on travel basketball and fall leagues. This is just an initial watch list as there is a lot of development to do by these young men. They will be playing their first high school games in a couple of weeks. These are in no order. Here we go:

Patrick Irvin Jr 6'5" wing, Whitney Young (Chicago)

Aiden Horton, 5'9" point guard, DeLaSalle Institute (Chicago)

Akir Finley, 5'9" point guard, Marist (Chicago)

Kendall Richmond, 6'3" wing, Perspectives Leadership (Chicago)

Teddy Fogel, 5'7" point guard, Bishop McNamara Kankakee)

Stephen Brown, 6'5" wing, Marist (Chicago)

Keith Collins, 6'5" forward, Perspectives MSA Joslin (Chicago)

Morgan Travis, 5'11" combo guard, DeLaSalle Institute (Chicago)

Luke Blackford, 6'3" wing, Calvary Academy (Springfield)

Zyheir Gardner, 5'11" point guard, Simeon Career Academy (Chicago)

Jordan Shaw, 6'4" wing, DeLaSalle Institute (Chicago)

Gabriel Sularski, 6'5" wing, Benet Academy (Lisle)

Charles Barnes Jr, 6'4" wing, DeLaSalle Institute (Chicago)

Jaylen Brown, 6'3" combo guard, Simeon Career Academy (Chicago)

Sire Beckham, 5'10" point guard, Lincoln Park (Chicago)

Jochana Pullum, 6'4" wing, Hyde Park Academy (Chicago)

Remi Edwards, 6'3" combo guard, DeLaSalle Institute (Chicago)

BJ Powell, 5'9" point guard, Lincoln Way East (Frankfort)

Jordan Walker, 5'9" point guard, Kenwood Academy (Chicago)

Rykan Woo, 6'0" point guard, Whitney Young (Chicago)

Marquis Clark, 6'1" point guard, Whitney Young (Chicago)

Andre Tyler, 6'2" combo guard, St Rita (Chicago)

Ricoantonio D'Alessandro, 6'4" wing, Whitney Young (Chicago)

Ryan Stackhouse, 5'8" point guard, Antioch Community

Brayden Morrissey, 6'3" combo guard, Lincoln Park (Chicago)

Alijah Little, 6'2" combo guard, East (Plainfield)

Zion Lee, Sacred Heart Griffin (Springfield)

Joshua Humbles Jr, 6'0" point guard, Manual (Peoria)

Noah Mister, 5'9" point guard, Kenwood Academy (Chicago)

Jamson Coutler Jr, 6'2" point guard, Rich Township (Matteson)

Synceare Simons, 6'2" combo guard, United Township (East Moline)

Ledarrel Gross, 5'10" point guard, Perspectives MSA Joslin (Chicago)

Jordan Lopez, 6'2" wing, Guilford (Rockford)

Cameron Woods, 5'10" point guard, Lake Park (Roselle)

Amare Pryor, 6'0" combo guard, Hyde Park Academy (Chicago)

Torrence Tate, 5'7" point guard, Marist (Chicago)

Inigo Miguel Angeles, 5'11" point guard, Springfield

Jaylen Dickerson, 5'11" point guard, Lincoln Park (Chicago)

Lucas Johnson, 6'2" combo guard, DeLaSalle Institute (Chicago)

Caleb Henry, 6'3" wing, DeLaSalle Institute (Chicago)

Alec Ford, 5'11" point guard, DeLaSalle Institute (Chicago)

Adoni Vassilakis, 6'0" combo guard, Marist (Chicago)

Ahmad Lee, 6'2" combo guard, Lincoln Park (Chicago)

Jonathan Thompson, 5'9" point guard, Kankakee

Darnell Davis Jr, 5'10" point guard, Bartlett

Stephen George, 6'5" wing, DeLaSalle Institute (Chicago)

Latrell Kelly, 5'9" point guard, Farragut Career Academy (Chicago)

Amir Danforth, 6'0" combo guard, Auburn (Rockford)

Brian Harper, 6'0' combo guard, Auburn (Rockford)

Champ Parker, 5'11" point guard, Auburn (Rockford)

Michael Oliver Jr, 5'9" point guard, Curie (Chicago)

Rajan Roberts, 6'0" point guard, West (Joliet)

Trey Brost, 5'9" combo guard, Bolingbrook

Lonnie Mosley, 5'9" point guard, Evergreen Park

Jah'Mir Brown, 5'10" point guard, Leo Catholic (Chicago)

Some young men are not on the list it's because I have not seen them play. Lots of growth left and things can change in four years.

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