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Big Tim's best of Class of 2020.

Best scorer: Cam Thomas, Oak Hill Academy(Mouth of Wilson, VA) is a 6'3" combo guard who was the leading scorer on the Nike EYBL Circuit with Boo Williams(VA). He can score in a number of ways, from three point range, mid range, and finishing at the rim with either hand. He's not a point guard even at his size, but get him the ball and let him go to work lighting up the scoreboard.

Best rebounder: Eddie Lampkin, Morton Ranch(TX) is a 6'10" 250 pound behemoth in the paint area. He carves up the paint with his body and boxes out to get rebounds playing for Houston Defenders(TX) on the Under Armour Circuit. He runs the floor very well and hits the defensive glass with authority. He's very good on the offensive boards and knows how to use his body and his strength to carve up position to snatch a board.

Best passer: Marcus Watson Jr, Morgan Park(Chicago) was the leading assist man on the Nike EYBL Circuit with Mac Irvin Fire(IL). He's a pass first maestro who gets the ball to scorers in their shooting pockets to make it easier for them to score. He hits the Big men with timely passes so they can just go up and score the basketball. He's a true passer who knows the strengths and weaknesses of his fellow teammates. He's committed to Wake Forest.

Best shot blocker: This would have been N'Faly Dante but he reclassified up to Class of 2019 so I'm going with: Ryan Kalkbrenner, Trinity Catholic(St. Louis,MO) is a 7'0" center who is a very good rim protector. He blocks shots and makes players think twice before venturing the lane. He has great timing and moves his feet to get good position to block a shot. Yes Cade Cunningham dunked on him, but this happens to rim protectors every once in awhile. He was defensive player of the year on the Nike EYBL Circuit with Mac Irvin Fire(IL).

Best shooter: Connor Kochera, St Viator(Arlington Heights, IL) is a 6'5" wing who is not ranked in the top 100. This was a tough decision as there are more than a few in the country that can light it up. He hit three after three in two tournaments I saw this summer. He has a smooth, textbook shooting motion, gets off the floor very high on his jump shot. He shoots it on the way up and has a great follow through. He does not play on any shoe circuit as he plays for Fundamental University(IL). He committed to William And Mary(VA) this week.

Biggest highlight reel: A lot of candidates for this one but I pick Greg Brown of Vandegrift(Austin,TX). He's a 6'8" combo forward who can fly. He can get off the ground quick, has a great second jump and catches bodies on the regular( WATCH YOUR HEAD!!). He played for Texas Titans on the Nike EYBL Circuit. He uses his quick hops to be a great rebounder, run the floor, and clean up missed shots with nasty tip dunks. He's the best athlete in the class, and will make some school very happy.

Best player and best prospect: Cade Cunningham, Montverde Academy( Montverde,Florida) is a 6'7" point guard who can facilitate an offense and is a above average three point shooter. He can pass the ball very well to his shooters, and has become a great leader for his team. He played with the Texas Titans on the Nike EYBL Circuit. He's originally from Arlington,TX. He rebounds at a high rate for his position, can block shots and finish at the rim. I watched him live dunk on two guys in two different settings(caught RyanKalkbrenner my top shot blocker with one), and I watched him on video dunk on Class of 2021 top rim protector Chet Holmgren in Vegas. He's also the best prospect because though he's a good three point shooter that could improve and also a little work on tightening his handle and his body.

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